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Addictions – Gambling

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for gambling addiction

anxietyThe term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive requirement and or even dependence.

Gambling addiction is directly linked to feelings, it’s the thrill, anticipation and sense of excitement that creates a natural high that become addictive. That is why hypnosis to stop gambling can be so effective, as it turns off the mental triggers that keep the gambler going back for more. Gamblers often have great optimism about winning which is not based on any legitimate or statistical evidence, which compounds the fact that once they have made a bet, placed a wager, put money in a slot machine and lost some money, they have a greater motivation to continue gambling to recover their losses and even believe they will come out on top. Their internal wires are crossed and hypnosis can re-programme the thoughts and feelings allowing the gambler to feel like an ex-gambler.

What is an ex-gambler? Someone that used to gamble but just doesn’t do it anymore

Hypnosis can help you become an ex-gambler, after all you learned to be a gambler. Use hypnosis to allow your mind to unlearn and break free from the gambling addiction.

Stop your gambling addiction

One of the commonest gamblers that ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ helps is the slot machine or fruit machine gambler (why do they call them fruit machines as they only bear fruit to the owner?). The slot machine gambler is already hypnotized, here Elliott de-hypnotizes the gambler from being mesmerised by the hypnotic rotating wheels and video displays with flashing images keep the customer’s attention on the slot machines. Slot machines programmed with “near misses” make customers think that they are close to winning thereby encouraging further play. The loud ringing of slot machines paying out a jackpot serves to convince players who have been losing on nearby machines that it is possible to win by continuing to play. Slot machines flash messages which imply that it is advantageous to maximize the amount of the bet. These messages act like subliminal suggestions which may be obeyed subconsciously. Hypnosis can help a gambling addiction. Imagine now being free from the compulsion to gamble.

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