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Fear of Flying

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for flying

Fear Of FlyingElliott Wald has had numerous television appearances proving time and time again, how he can help people overcome their intense phobias. Elliott earned his name and reputation as ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ by walking his talk, he has demonstrated his incredible skills in hypnosis by helping people in the streets of London overcome their fear and phobias for his show ‘Instant Changes’. He has starred as the Hypnosis Expert on ITV This Morning Show’s phobia week, live on air helping people he has never before met overcome their phobias and fears.

You can view a selection of ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ at work from many of his appearances on the right hand side of this screen.

So what is a phobia?

A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of and a desire to avoid, certain object/s, animals, events or situations. The word is derived from the Greek word “phobos” meaning extreme fear and flight. The ancient Greek god, Phobos, was believed to be able to reduce the enemies of the Greeks to a state of terror, making victory in battle more likely.

You are not born with a phobia – it is a learned response. A response that you have simply programmed into your mind, when confronted by the phobic stimulus and sometimes, even the anticipation or thought of the situation is enough to provoke the response; the person then begins to experience the classic symptoms of panic attacks. Using hypnotherapy, Elliott can re-programme your thoughts, change your associations and replace them with new, more appropriate feelings.

Fear of flying

The fear of flying can manifest in a number of different ways, some people with a fear of flying report a lower level of anxiety and avoidance of flying whenever possible. Others do actually fly but find it an extremely uncomfortable experience. For those who experience the fear of flying, feelings can range from a mild concern, fear loss of control, fear of the confined space of an airplane cabin, to an over powering feeling that can start days or even weeks in advance.

Fear of Flying or Flying Phobia, is clinically labelled “aviophobia” or “aerophobia”. This very common condition can affect as many as ten percent of the population.

Hypnotherapy can change that as hypnosis can re-programme your feelings about flying, by associating the experience with calm and relaxation.

How Does ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ Achieve Over A 90% Success Rate?

Through Elliott’s twenty years of experience, he knows exactly which techniques are most likely to be effective for you and will tailor a programme to your exact needs. Very often Elliott’s expertise in hypnosis can dissolve the fear of flying in just a couple of hours.

“My friend recommended I visit hypnotherapist Elliott Wald in Luton, after her success with overcoming her fear of flying. Since seeing Elliott and having Hypnotherapy I now LOVE TO FLY”
“My fear of flying has completely gone. I have flown five times since completing my sessions and each time I feel great”
Donna. T (Dunstable)

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Fear of flying case study

Sarah a young woman in her early thirties was building a successful career with a large multinational company and increasingly found herself being expected to travel abroad. Unfortunately, she suffered from a flying phobia and as the condition threatened to affect her career prospects, she decided to seek help. I was recommended to her and at the first session she recalled she had always been frightened of flying, but the phobia had developed during a particular turbulent flight.


Using hypnosis, I created a trigger of calm feelings, attached these feelings to a physical movement of Sarah pressing her thumb and finger together. Each time Sarah pressed her thumb and finger together she would feel a surge of calm, quiet confidence and feel completely at ease whether a short or long haul flight.


After two hours of hypnosis, Sarah was able to take a long haul flight to Canada were she sent me a postcard with the following.

“My fear of flying kept me from advancing in my job, it seemed so unfair I’d worked so hard to get to my position. I decided to do something about it. I was sceptical at first having previously visited two hypnotherapists with no results. Hypnosis with you was totally different you totally changed my feelings. Fear of flying? What fear, your hypnosis is amazing, I felt relaxed and comfortable the whole journey, I am sending you this postcard having flown from London to Canada and just visited the C.N Tower. I would 100% recommend you to anyone”. Sarah. L (Luton)
*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

To compound the phobia, some bright spark decided to use language which added credibility to the fear, words that effect on an unconscious level, words like –





Hypnosis Expert, Elliott Wald can help you turn fear of flying into fearless flying!

After watching Elliott helping phobic viewers overcome their fears, this is what the presenters said:

It does not matter how long you have been living with your fear or phobia or how severe it appears, hypnotherapy can help you overcome them. Elliott has been using hypnotherapy for over sixteen years, helping hundreds of clients to overcome their fears & phobias.

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