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The Gastric Band Mind

gastricLosing weight can be a difficult challenge under the best of circumstances. Many have turned to gastric surgery such as the Lap Band procedure, in order to create a smaller stomach pouch that cannot allow you to eat more than a few mouthfuls of food, before you feel uncomfortably full. You eat less over the course of several months and you often lose a considerable amount of weight.

There are downsides to actually having gastric surgery. For instance, the rate of death from having gastric bypass surgery can be as high as one in two hundred patients. This is aside from the much higher complication rate. Another downside to having the Lap Band surgery is that it must be removed once you have lost the weight.  One surgery turns into two and doubles the risk. Now, with the help of the ‘Hypnosis Expert’ you can have a ‘mental’ gastric band fitted and it becomes possible for you to lose weight through the Lap Band method, without ever having to risk your life by having the actual surgery again.

It is called having the Lap Band Mind and involves the visualization of having the gastric band surgery, as the subconscious mind believes that there has been a major reduction in stomach capacity and the body responds differently to hunger, unable to eat more than a few mouthfuls of food.

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy using the gastric band mind

The purpose of the Lap Band is to create a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach that creates, in a sense, a smaller functional stomach.

You will be using the amazing and unlimited portions of your mind to begin to lose incredible amounts of weight. You’ll eat far less than you ever have before and will feel full after eating. You will recognize that portion control is important to the weight loss process, so that when your Lap Band is “dissolved” when you lose the weight, you will continue to be used to small portion sizes and will eat accordingly.

The gastric band mind case study 1

Ann was an administrative assistant for a high-powered insurance firm. She was bright and beautiful, but if you asked her, she’d tell you just the opposite. Ann would admit that she was kind of smart, but beautiful?  No way. All she saw when she looked in the mirror was a large, chubby woman. All her beautiful features were hidden.

This is when the story gets interesting. Ann was in love with a salesman at the firm, but didn’t dare show it for fear of rejection. How could anyone fall in love with this plain, pudgy woman? But Ann really liked this guy. She wanted him and that’s what motivated her. But she was more than motivated, she was determined. Ann sat herself down, threw her legs up on the coffee table and began to analyze her behaviour. Diet after diet after diet after diet ended in frustration. Nothing ever worked. Sure, she would lose a bunch of pounds and then boomerang back to her old weight. There had to be a better way.

She made a decision to go to her doctor for professional help. In the beginning the conversation was fruitless. It was the same old thing and then her doctor mentioned that gastric band surgery might be right for her. At first this sounded like a great idea – tie off a portion of the stomach and you become full faster and don’t eat as much.

Ann was curious about the side effects. Like all invasive surgery there are complications such as ulceration and gastritis. Then she discovered that the band could move from the outside of the stomach into the stomach itself. Nasty. Not for her. There were other complications as well and so this was definitely not for her. No invasive surgery for Ann.

As you can imagine she was discouraged, however as she thought it through, the concept of the gastric band made a lot of sense to her. Ann was intent on finding an answer.

Ann approached ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ having heard of his reputation of success with clients using hypnosis to apply a gastric band. She made an appointment and Elliott installed a gastric band through the power of hypnosis. Ann was able to remotely view and apply a gastric band with the same results as if she had invasive surgery, with no side effects. Over a twelve month period Ann lost over four stone, she ate smaller portions and found she felt full after only a few mouthfuls.

The gastric band mind case study 2

Jenny underwent the process of having a mental Lap Band placed. She was 29 years old and was nearly a hundred pounds overweight. No diet she tried ever worked for her.  After her sessions, she suddenly felt that her stomach was smaller. A few bites of peas and carrots made her feel full and she was able to push the plate away easily after only eating a small amount of food. The fullness lasted several hours before she needed to eat again. Even then, she ate only a small amount of food before feeling full.

Jenny and her body proceeded this way for almost nine months before she lost the entire excess weight. She felt healthy and was able to exercise much more freely than she ever did before. With a normal weight, she knew that the Lap Band was of a special type that simply melted away when the target weight was reached. When she achieved her target weight, the Lap Band simply melted away. By that time, she had learned to control her portion sizes and was eating foods that were healthier for her. She could easily imagine that the Lap Band had dissolved from her body and was able to eat a normal and healthy diet.

Gastric band hypnotherapy / Gastric band hypnosis with the Hypnosis Expert.

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