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Hypnosis for Sports – Golf

What separates a good sports performer from a true champion? ‘THE MIND’!

You can calculate and formulate a plan to be at your very best, train hard, eat right and rest to allow your body to recuperate. However without the right mind set you will never perform to your true potential.

The mind is as important as the body in obtaining victory.

Hypnosis is being used by more and more sports people to improve their game. This is because it is the ideal way to get both the physical and mental aspects working together.

There is a long history of hypnosis in sport proving how performance can be radically improved in many areas, style correction, speed, time distortion and strength enhancements are just a few of the benefits. One of the most closely guarded secrets of professional sports players is hypnosis.

bodyWhen it comes to working with sports enhancement, Elliott’s unique background gives him the advantage to understand exactly how the mind can either limit or enhance the ability of the sports player. ‘Hypnosis Expert’ Elliott Wald was a competitive bodybuilder for over ten years, competing at both British and European championship level. His personal experiences led him to study the path of human behaviour, hypnosis and modern psychology in the pursuit of excellence.

Elliott works with elite sports people across a wide range of sports and his clients include, among others, Premier League footballers, rugby players, ABA amateur boxers (formally Golden gloves champions), professional boxers, PGA golfers, World power lifting champions, International swimmers and professional dart players.

Elliott’s clients have included Olympic athletes and World medallists; he currently works one-one with four premiership footballers, seven PGA golfers, two professional boxers and five top ranked amateur boxers. Over the last sixteen years of helping sports players with a combination of hypnosis and success coaching, he has helped over fifty professional sports players from an array of sports and sixty amateurs who have achieved outstanding success in their sports.

Hypnosis in sports

The use of hypnosis in sports has been around for hundreds of years. In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the Russian Olympic team took no less than 11 hypnotists to develop mental clarity and help the athletes with visualization.

In 1996 Steve Collins beat Chris Eubank for the World Boxing Organizations Super-middleweight title, his success being attributed to the focusing of attention created by hypnosis. Collins was programmed to deliver two punches to Eubank’s one. In the fight Eubank threw 300 punches, Collins threw over 600.

Nigel Benn, WBC Super Middleweight Champion and Frank Bruno, WBC Heavyweight Champion both used Sports hypnosis for boxing performance enhancement, Golfers Ian Woosnam and Tiger Woods were hypnotized. Along with numerous other top professional sports men and women that Elliott continues to work with.

Play better golf

You love to play golf but you have hit that frustrating scoring plateau on the golf course that most of us experience. You come off the course knowing that you could have scored better but next time you end up with similar results.

No matter what you do, you have stayed in the same scoring range for months or even years. Of course this is what keeps you coming back, but you wish you could see real, consistent improvement in your scores.

Now, you can use the power of your mind to play better golf

Self-hypnosis and NLP have been two of the professional golfers best kept secrets, for many years we have been helping golfers improve their game.

Here is just a taste of the things you can improve when you use the techniques we teach you:

Adding Yards and Accuracy to Your Drives
Deal with Hooks and Slices
Sink Your Impossible Putts
Puts Your Game on Autopilot success consistently

What our clients learn and master is what the great golf teacher, Jim Flick once said, ‘Golf is 90% mental… and the other 10% is mental’. Our clients learn to use the power of their mind and as a result, improve their golf game immediately.

When Tiger Woods takes a shot, his eyes open and close repeatedly. That’s not a blink that Tiger is doing. It’s a self-hypnosis induction.

Tiger Woods in Golf Digest, (December 2002) page 158:
“Woods’ ability to produce peak performance by ‘willing myself into the zone’ is unprecedented… And at age 13, Tiger began mental training with Dr. Jay Brunza, a family friend and psychologist. Among the techniques Brunza used were subliminal tapes and hypnosis. ‘The first time Jay hypnotized Tiger, he had him stick his arm straight out and told him that it couldn’t be moved, ‘Earl [Tiger’s father] says. ‘I tried, but I Before couldn’t pull it down. [Tiger says hypnosis is] ‘Inherent in what I do now.'”

Using these strategies for just a few rounds will reduce your scores consistently. I want you to have these proven methods to reduce your golf scores and get more enjoyment out of playing this great game.

How much expensive golf instruction have you taken, equipment changes have you tried and training gimmicks have you bought, only to find that maybe you hit the ball a little better, but see no significant results in your scores?

The reason for this is that about 50% of scoring has nothing to do with the physical part of the game. Most adults will not see major differences in their physical game after a certain point and notice that they plateau at a certain score range, based on their ability. The average being around 85-95. Many people then just accept that this is the score range they will always have, while deeply wishing that they could break 90, or 80, or 70.

You can significantly lower your scores and can cut at least 2 strokes for every five on your handicap, by using these techniques. That means that if you are a 20 handicap, you will save at least 8 shots per round.

Translate that into a score and if you have not previously broken 90, you will. If you are a 10 handicap you will save at least 4 shots per round. Once you start using these strategies and gaining confidence as your scores drop, you can see even more shots coming off your score.

Hypnosis is being used by more and more sportspeople to improve their game. This is because it is the ideal way to get both the physical and mental aspects working together. If you cannot imagine it – you cannot be it! To be able to perform the ideal swing, you need to believe you can do it. Often, the problem lies in you subconsciously focusing on your past failures, rather than your future successes.

The point is to practice physically and mentally. The physical bit I can’t help you with – you need to get out there on the driving range and practice. Now the mental bit is my specialist subject.

Sport Psychology often includes techniques such as mental imagery, to focus on future achievement. The techniques you will learn are very effective with both future rehearsal and anchoring states.

Anchoring – states involves using hypnosis to recall a time of sporting excellence such as winning a race, scoring a goal or playing the perfect round of golf (this can be real or imagined. At the moment, these feelings of success reach their peak, the emotion is anchored, and helping to create what is sometimes known as muscle memory.

Focusing – this can be on such things as success, strategy and other outcomes.

Overcoming – mental blocks to success.

Reinforcing – self-belief and motivation.

Modelling – There are many other ways that hypnosis can help in sport improvement. For instance, the concept of modelling has been used successfully in golf and other sports. In other words take a top golfer and model what he or she does both physically and mentally.

Tiger is typical of the best professional golfers. Great golfers need to control their mental game and hypnosis is proven to be the easiest, quickest and most proven way to great mental golf. That’s why every PGA pro has a coach to work with him on the mental game of golf – the surest path to consistency, confidence and lower scores.

A secret one-second tactic used by the best golfers to instantly erase all negative thoughts, especially the nagging grief over all previous bad shots and lock your mind into the shot at hand.
How to stay completely focused during your round exactly like the pros! The secret is knowing how to relax and WHEN to relax, so that the back nine are as enjoyable as the front nine.

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