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Media & Press

portraitElliott Wald has been involved in the field of personal development for over sixteen years. He is regarded by many as a leading expert in the field of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and modern psychology.

This press and media page is here to whet your appetite and give you a taster of Hypnosis Expert, Author, NLP Master & Trainer, Success & Personal Development Coach ‘Elliott Wald’ a mesmerizing guest for your television or radio show energetic, insightful, skilful and fun.

Elliott’s in-depth knowledge and over sixteen years experience in hypnosis and as a success and personal development coach, make him the perfect authority for any TV show, article or interview.

People love to see real changes happen and Elliott gets outstanding results, as you can see for yourself by viewing any of the numerous appearances that Elliott has made on TV. A selection can be viewed on the right hand side of this page.

Whether you’re looking for a professional knowledgeable hypnotherapist or performance coach, then Elliott Wald has the ability to work as a host, presenter or performer as part of a programme or stand alone. If you’re considering filming a production that would benefit from having people achieve their end goals, then Elliott delivers every time.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Elliott’s in-depth knowledge experience and insight can make any magazine or newspaper article fascinating. Just have a look at the small sample from the list below. If you are looking to write an article or would like Elliott to provide an article for your magazine, then contact him now.

Elliott has been interviewed and appeared in numerous magazines including:

‘MORE MAGAZINE’ article headed ‘GET OVER YOUR EX’ three page spreads on helping people get over relationships.

‘THE TIMES’ article headed ‘WHAT A BUNCH OF QUITTERS’ helping a journalist stop smoking the inside story.

‘THE EDGE’ article headed ‘STUB IT OUT’ how to quit smoking in the workplace.

‘DAILY TELEGRAPH’ article headed ‘STOP SMOKING MIND, BODY, LIFE’ techniques on how to help readers stop smoking.

‘WOMAN’S OWN’ article headed ‘I LOST THREE STONE IN MY SLEEP’ how using self-hypnosis helped a woman lose 3 stone.

‘BEST’ article headed ‘ADDICTED TO CHOCOLATE’ Elliott helps a lady who was addicted to chocolate – stop eating chocolate and loses weight.

‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’ Elliott’s hypnosis along with Dr Gillian helps a lady lose 7 stone.

‘EXPRESS’ article headed ‘HYPNOTISTS TRIES TV CURE FAR FROM BOG STANDARD’ Elliott helps a woman get over her phobia of toilets.

‘TESCO MAGAZINE’ article headed ‘THE THINK POSITIVE GET FIT DIET’ a six page spread with Elliott’s psychological tips to help readers lose weight.

‘THE INDEPENDENT’ article headed ‘FROM CHILDBIRTH TO SMOKING, THEY HELP US CONQUER OURSELVES’ Elliott listed as one of the top 10 hypnotherapists in Britain.

‘WOMAN’S OWN’ article headed ‘HYPNOTIC WEIGHT LOSS’ a lady loses 4 stone.

‘HERALD & POST’ article headed ‘MESMERIC SKILLS CURE CHOCOHOLIC’ relating to a TV show where Elliott made chocolate taste like cabbage.