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Addictions – Chocolate

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for chocolate addiction

ChocolateDo any of the following describe you?

  • You finish a small job and decide to reward yourself with a square of chocolate?
  • You have that square and another and the next, until the bar has gone?
  • You feel a craving for chocolate – especially when you know that you are down to your last bar?
  • You feel that you deserve a treat – a chocolate treat?
  • You joke about being a ‘chocoholic’ but you know you are not joking?
  • You want to lose weight but you want that chocolate even more?
  • You create feeble excuses about ‘needing to raise your blood sugar levels’?
  • You feel good at the time but feel guilt almost immediately?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, and you want to break your addiction to eating chocolate, then hypnosis can help you.

The hypnosis session consists of a two pronged approach, the first Elliott breaks the associations you have built up over the years, by revealing how many of us are encouraged to see chocolate as a reward from an early age and once the seed has been planted, how advertisers and marketing people bombard us with ‘buy me’ messages. Through repetition these become firmly embedded in our minds to associate chocolate with feel good images.

See how many of these brands you can recognise:

Have a break, have a _____

A ___ a day helps you work rest and play

Thank ____ it’s Friday

____ the taste of paradise

_____ how do you eat yours?

It’s not ____’s, it’s mine!

Do you love anyone enough to give them your last ___?

All because the lady loves ___ ___

These slogans are all designed to trigger your imagination, then your desire is increased still further by the packaging … silver, gold, royal purple … from childhood to adulthood you are repeatedly shown how to recognise the cycle  of reward – treat – deserve- CHOCOLATE!

The second part of the hypnotherapy treatment, Elliott will show you…

How to deal with your cravings.

  • How to take control of your thoughts
  • How to replace your ‘chocolate conditioning’ with great and healthy new values
  • How a simple breathing technique will help you
  • How to recognise your subconscious mind and programme it ‘on auto pilot’
  • How to create vivid, new, exciting ‘mind pictures’
  • How to create the life that you truly desire and deserve with ‘non chocolate’ rewards


Stop your compulsion to eating chocolate

‘The Hypnosis Expert’ Elliott Wald has demonstrated time and time again how he can help people stop eating chocolate and re-associate it with something a person dislikes. On the right hand side of the screen you can watch a video of Elliott on BBC’s Alternative Therapies, helping a lady overcome her addiction to chocolate.

The compulsion blowout technique that Elliott uses during your hypnotherapy session, can be tuned to either reduce your intake of chocolate or stop you eating chocolate forever, the choice is yours.

Clients visit The Hypnosis Expert at his Luton, Bedfordshire and Elstree, Hertfordshire clinics.