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Panic Attacks

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for panic attacks

freedomA panic attack comes out of the blue and without apparent reasoning. An attack is marked by fear that can build to sheer terror. The symptoms people experience during panic attacks are a natural part of the body’s fight-or-flight reaction, which provides a surge of energy to fight an attacker or to run away. The body tenses, producing the classic symptoms of a fast heartbeat, shortness of breath and butterflies in the stomach and the panic attack is marked by fear that can build to sheer terror.

By creating new associations and re-programming existing unconscious thoughts that produce the panic attacks, hypnosis can help you to replace those feelings of anxiety with a feeling of calmness and control.

Unlike phobias where there is a trigger between person and subject e.g. fear of flying, or spiders etc. whereby the person can avoid the trigger and therefore the reactions. With panic attacks, because the trigger is usually unknown, avoidance becomes impossible and this often becomes known as the fear of the fear.

Having one panic attack is bad enough, but most people could cope with it as long as they knew they wouldn’t have another.

The problem with panic attacks is that once you have had one, you:

1) Worry that you are going to have another one.

2) Can sometimes get a ‘conditioning’ effect that triggers panic again, when you return to a similar situation to where the first one happened.

3) Create what becomes known as the fear of fear.

These 3 factors make it more likely that you will have another panic attack, which is why many people find that they don’t just have one.

Addressing panic attacks with hypnosis

However severe your panic attacks are or however frequently, hypnotherapy can help you overcome them. Elliott has been using hypnotherapy for twenty years, helping hundreds of clients to overcome their panic attacks, helping them to live their life without the fear of the fear.

Panic attacks as Elliott has so frequently proven with his hypnosis skills, can often be addressed with just a few sessions of hypnosis.

“I suffered with panic attacks for over 5 years, words cannot express how pleased I am now to be free of them. I visited hypnotherapist Elliott Wald after being recommended to him by a friend of mine who also went to see him to get rid of her panic attacks. Five years after my hypnotherapy treatment with Elliott, I have never once had a panic attack.”
(Jane Hutchinson, Luton)*

“I can honestly say Elliott turned my life around. I have always suffered from anxiety and a lack of self esteem and most recently I had an episode where where I was half way through a grad scheme, realised it wasn’t for me and had a severe confidence knock. After seeing Elliott, he gave me the confidence to take a chance and go for something different. My new mindset has enabled me to be promoted after just 1 month into a new career.”
(Bradley Allen, Elstree)*

“The panic attacks became so frequent that I dreaded having to go to meetings or even social events, the embarrassment of having a panic attack in front of others began to close down my life. I went to see hypnosis expert Elliott Wald and after only two hours of hypnotherapy, I was doing things that I had been putting off for years.”

(Stephen R. Harpenden)*

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