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Confidence with Presentations

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for confidence with presentations

Presenting the numbersCreating a strong sense of confidence and a high level of self-esteem, is one of the most important and beneficial steps towards your happiness and a better life. Your confidence can show in many ways: Your behaviour, your body language, how you speak, what you say and ultimately what you achieve in your life, can be a direct result of your level of confidence and that is why hypnotherapy is so effective in building a foundation of confidence, which enables you to be the person you really wish to be. Hypnosis accesses your inner resources building your self-belief and your inner confidence.

Many people with low self-esteem think that they’re not very important and that their views carry no weight. The word ‘esteem’ comes from a Latin word which means ‘to estimate’. So, self-esteem is how you estimate yourself. Your self-esteem is an ever flowing reflection of what you think about yourself on the inside and what you do on the outside. The good news is that with hypnosis confidence and self-esteem really can be learned quickly and you will feel happier and be more productive in every area of your life. Confident people… walk confidently… talk confidently… and carry themselves with confidence. Confident people trust their own abilities, have a sense of control in their lives and really believe in themselves. Self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires and you can achieve that too.

Hypnosis for powerful, captivating and confident presentations

Your existing mental programming is what drives your fears, nerves and concerns about giving a presentation, “will I be good enough?” “what if I make a mistake?” “I just can’t talk in front of groups.”

We have all had the privilege of listening to a great public speaker, maybe a famous actor or maybe a great politician, perhaps it was someone you had just been introduced to in a social situation or a work environment and they just seemed to have that magical ability to talk, not just to talk but to be a ‘master communicator’ with real magnetism, captivated your interest and you just found yourself compelled to listen. And you wanted to be able to create that same magical ability, to be a great public speaker and deliver an outstanding presentation; you wished you knew the ingredients too.

Maybe you watched someone giving a great presentation at work or giving a seminar and they just seemed to possess those magical qualities and it just wasn’t what they said, it was there whole presence they radiated confidence and like an atom to a molecule, you were just bonded. And you felt like you wished you could present or maybe you already present and you want to be even better. Think about it, we’re presenting all the time aren’t we? Remember the old saying ‘the whole world’s a stage’.

It is impossible not to communicate. You communicate with words and even convey messages without words and your communication speaks volumes. Every movement, every gesture, every word, every tone and inflection in your voice, radiates information. This is enormously useful when you know what you are looking for, where it is to be found and how to use it. These ingredients are the recipe to every great speaker, every great presenter.

Each and every one of us is a powerful antenna that constantly transmits and receives a vast amount of information. The ability to be aware of, to understand, to interpret, to fine tune and to utilise that information in the most powerful way, is nothing short of revolutionary.

Elliott Wald’s highly effective skills with hypnosis will show you how to re-progarmme your thoughts, feelings to effectively deliver your presentation and clearly communicate your message with dynamic platform skills, re-programme your fears and limitations into courage, confidence and ultimately success.

If you feel good about the possibility of constantly improving your skills, developing your knowledge, increasing the quality of your results and you desire to gain these abilities, then you have already taken the first steps towards turning that vision into life enhancing reality. Contact Elliott Wald and he will, empower, instill and draw out the talent that is within you to become a presentation master.

Outstanding presenting is an art and you will certainly have noticed some individuals who have natural ‘masterful presentation’ abilities. Some people are just born with those talents, just naturally likeable, approachable, convincing and magnetic. Those old cliché’s do ring true ‘he could sell sand in the desert’.

All these qualities, the qualities of the presentation master is an ability that if learned can be reproduced, qualities that I have studied, strategies that I have taken apart and been amazed at the simplicity as the secrets unfolded before my eyes.

The main difference between these presentation masters and the rest of the population, is that they consciously and consistently use these specific techniques, the very ingredients that I wil show you, which conveys your message in an ethical and influential style.

Through my on-going and extensive studies of presentation masters and artful communicators, I have taken the strategies, tactics and techniques of those mesmeric figures and modelled their behaviour. They were not presentation masters by accident, but by using specific, behavioural processes, they know the signals of what to say, when to say it and how to say it for the biggest impact and maximum results.

Presentation skills

Just a few of the benefits you will experience with hypnosis expert, success and personal development coach Elliott Wald;

  • Create a strong introduction and a strong close.
  • Clearly identify your subject and your purpose to yourself.
  • Let the creative process take to gather all the possible ideas for subject matter and how you can present it.
  • Transform butterflies – Into Power by getting them flying in formation.
  • You will be able to relax.
  • Smile.
  • Be confident.
  • Be in control.
  • Get the audience on your side.

If you would like to enhance your presentation skills, be a truly charismatic, compelling communicator with a confident and commanding presence both on and off the stage, contact the Hypnosis Expert, success and personal development coach Elliott Wald today.

Hypnotherapy can help you change your mindset:

Internal fears

  • I failed before and will probably fail again
  • I do not have the necessary skills
  • I will make mistakes
  • I will forget what I should say
  • I will not be able to speak
  • I will be very nervous

External fears

  • They will interrupt me, which will confuse me
  • They will ask difficult questions
  • They will see that I am fearful
  • They will hear my mistakes
  • They will not understand what I mean
  • They will dislike me

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