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“I had a phobia of soup… Yes soup… I appeared on ITV’s This Morning programme. Elliott hypnotised me for an hour. I remember it well. He was very professional from start to finish. He spoke clearly and repeatedly which I’m sure helped. When I was served the soup I tasted it without any awkwardness and enjoyed it, which is a first for me. I can now go to the supermarket and walk down the soup aisle without a problem. I also can cook it for my family though I still dislike tinned soup I have learned how to make fresh homemade soup. I will forever be grateful to Elliott for his expertise. He is a superstar to me x Thanks x” – Sue Brearley*

“…there are not enough incredible ways to thank Elliott and his expertise and the way he has transformed my life, my lifestyle, my confidence, to face and embrace my fears, in order to love and work in a much more positive, empowering and fear-less life. What I have only accomplished since my sessions with Elliott is amazing, incredible and this stemmed from my fear of flying, heights, lack of not being ‘in control’ …everything and everyday experiences now stem from the way Elliott has helped and been transforming to my life. Eternally so thankful and grateful to Elliott.” – Donna Goodwin Osher*

“Despite my bags of scepticism, after my first session with Elliott, I had lost the desire to smoke, and further sessions over the years have allowed me to live a fuller life, unloading unnecessary guilt and anger, and enjoy the life I have in the here and now. Thanks Elliott” – Sara Louise Fernandes*

“Elliott helped me overcome a situation which I thought would stay with me forever. I was very sceptical but since experiencing his method of hypnosis I have complete faith in Elliott and his technique and have recommended it to many people who he has since also helped. – Michal Mass Booker*

I went from thinking and worrying about vomiting every minute of every day (even when at work) to going days without thinking about vomiting thanks to Elliott. He also helped me with my OCDs to the point where I could go out in my car to work and not have to go through a mental dialogue of routine sayings before I started the ignition. I don’t know what he does or how he does it but he can make a positive difference to people that need help with even the most deep rooted of fears. Well worth the money. Believe in the Hypnosis Expert Elliott Wald !!! #Legend – Richard Roe*

I went to see Elliott Wald in 2012 with a stammer/stutter I was getting when nervous or trying to join in conversations in loud places after having a drink, after a few sessions with Elliot my stutter was history an I back talking with confidence once again. Thank you Elliott Wald an I would recommend. – Lewis Bowyer*

“Mr Wald helped me overcome my panic attacks in just 2 sessions. This was in 2004 and I have not had one since. Highly Recommended.” * – Lyndsey Maguire*

“A down-to-earth guy Elliott is willing to help you with your problems, and make you overcome your fears and phobias. And Elliott is a great coach to motivate you to succeed in business or fitness.” – Darren Lee*

“I saw Elliott sixteen years ago and stopped smoking for thirteen years. I was stupid and started having a couple of cigars three years ago, that lead onto smoking Tobacco again. I have just seen him (well two weeks ago) to stop smoking again. It is so easy with Elliott, he is really very good. I never ever want a cigarette after seeing him. I would recommend everybody to see him to stop the stupid smoking habit. It is just so, so funny after seeing him, you go home have a coffee, this is when you would have a cigarette and you don’t want one. I sit there thinking that is funny how come I don’t want one. It is made that simple. A big thank-you to Elliott… again.” – Mark Rolley*

“Elliott has completely changed my life. I saw him for fat loss after trying and failing at several other methods previously. He has completely changed my life and mind set for the better. It only took three, one hour sessions! I wish I knew him years ago! Not only that Elliott genuinely cares for his clients and always checks up on me to see how I’m doing. Thanks Elliott :)” – Laura Hope*

“He went above and beyond in fitting us in for dealing with a flying issue when there was a tight time constraint. 2 x one hour sessions and it dealt with the problem. I was very impressed with what he was able to achieve in a very short period of time.” – Suzanne Rister*

“I can honestly say Elliot turned my life around. I have always suffered from anxiety and a lack of self esteem and most recently I had an episode where where I was half way through a grad scheme, realised it wasn’t for me and had a severe confidence knock. After seeing Elliot, he gave me the confidence to take a chance and go for something different. My new mindset has enabled me to be promoted after just 1 month into a new career.” – Bradley Allen*

“Excellent!!! incredibly impressed with Elliott’s knowledge and ability to fully understand exactly what I needed. I can fully recommend his service and professionalism. I have referred a number of friends and they have all been impressed with the results and his no nonsense approach and straight talking style.” – William Purcell*

“I can’t thanks Elliott enough for helping me on my weight loss journey. Elliott has helped me lose nearly 2 and a half stone so far, (Since November). Before I saw Elliott for weight loss, I had tried every single diet going, including having a gastric band. None worked for more than a couple of weeks. And I always put the weight back on + tons more. I was queen of takeaways and drinking wine. I am half way through my weight loss journey, and for the first time feel that I could actually achieve my goal weight. Elliott has totally changed my attitude to the gym and also to food and drink. He also offers amazing nutritional advice and support.” – Sarah Skinner*

“…without doubt Elliott a master hypnotist! Elliott possesses all of the qualities that you need him to possess in order that he can help you facilitate the positive changes that you wish to make in your life. Seek Elliott out and get on his star studded appointment list now…you deserve it!” – Mark Beauchamp*

“I have seen Elliott on several occasions and I cannot put into words how much he has helped myself and my career. As a professional sports person, I had to confront certain elements of my mental perpetration and performance – I am more than happy to say that Elliott’s’ strategies and hypnosis played a huge part in helping me achieve my successes.” – N M Merriman*

“I had suffered with a fear of flying for 40 years the last time I had flown I was 19 years old, now at 59 and retired, I really wanted to travel to Australia to see me grandchildren, but this had always previously filled me with dread. having visited Elliott and had hypnotherapy with him, I am delighted to say I flew to Sydney with no concerns at all. I would thoroughly recommend Elliott, professional and deeply knowledgeable. don’t wait the 40 years I did!!” – Dr Anthony James*

“I have always been interested in the various forms of therapy but Hypnosis is something which is hard for me to comprehend so I was very skeptical about it. I first took my 21 year old son to see Elliott and asked to be present during the sessions so that I could see what a session entailed, the way in which Elliott handled my sons issues with empathy and sensitivity made him feel very at ease and after the second session it was as if a whole new world had opened up to him which he didn’t know existed. Once I had realised how effective Elliotts method is I decided to go myself and deal with an issue which seemed like I could not overcome it, the wonderful thing about this for me was that there were no short sharp extreme changes of behaviour just gradual, gentle natural shifts in the way I dealt and felt about my particular issue. Two sessions have genuinely changed our lives for the better… Thank you Elliott.” – Michal Booker*

“I was truly impressed with the professionalism of Elliott’s service and the fantastic results I achieved. I have recommended him to a number of my friends. He really is the Hypnosis Expert. I would recommend him to anyone.” – Rosalba La Monica*

“After seeing Elliott for my phobia, I am absolutely delighted with the results. I no longer live in fear and it has completely changed my life and the ability to do so many things that I haven’t been able to do for years. I would fully recommend him to anyone who feel debilitated by their phobia. ” – Lindsey Elman*

“I’m sceptical about pretty much everything, but I’m interested in psychology and hypnosis so went along. I did wonder if there’s any point for someone like me who doesn’t easily believe things can magically change. Then bam! Elliott cured my fear of flying. That was 6 years ago and I’ve been enjoying holidays much more ever since. Thanks Elliott!!” – Paul Mead*

“Elliott Wald is just brilliant at what he does. I had suffered from debilitating panic attacks for many years. I tried many alternatives to deal with them but all were always unsuccessful. At first I was quite cynical about hypnosis as I couldn’t ever imagine i’d ever be rid of the panic attacks, but after a recommendation from a friend I saw Elliott. After my first session I felt different… there was a change in me that I couldn’t explain. I followed Elliott’s instructions post session and can honestly say that my life has changed since that day. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. No more panic attacks. I also saw Elliott because I had in recent years developed a fear of flying, which meant that I could only board a plane after taking medication. I no longer take any tablets and flying isn’t an issue. The hypnosis has changed my world hugely and with Elliott’s guidance I am free from panic. I can’t recommend him enough. I only wish I had discovered him sooner!” – Tamara Goodkind*

“I went to see Elliott after being recommended by someone who raved about the results they had experienced with him. I was slightly sceptical but Elliott’s experience and knowledge immediately put me at ease, I’m delighted at the results I’ve achieved and the difference it has made to my life.” – Raymon Brown•

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.