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Belief & Weight Loss

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Could your belief be holding you back?

There are many schools of thought about what a belief is. But fundamentally, a belief is what we “think” or “know” to be true. The unfortunate side of a belief is that all of our beliefs are moulded by our life experiences, from childhood on up. Some of us heard negative things from those around us as we grew up, people may have said things like ‘you have just got big bones’ or ‘being overweight runs in your family’. We may have actually come to believe some of them even without knowing it. A belief is not necessarily about ‘knowing’ something to be true. We can ‘think’ something true and make it a belief.

The definition of the term ‘belief’ is relatively hazy. Beliefs are learned, but can also be mixed with a bit of our own heart. This is one reason the definition of the term belief has so many schools of thought. The good side about any belief is that it can be changed. Believe me when I say beliefs are changeable!

Applying Belief Change to Weight Loss

Knowing that a belief is changeable opens up the possibilities to apply that knowledge to lose weight. This brings up the subject of the ‘power’ of belief. If we believe enough in accomplishing something we empower ourselves to accomplish it.  It doesn’t matter how our beliefs became our beliefs; as long as we realize they are all changeable. All of our beliefs belong to us, and no-one else. It is up to us to take action and change those beliefs we are no longer happy with, with hypnotherapy for weight loss you can change your limiting beliefs for more empowering beliefs changing your whole perceptions to becoming a weight loss success.


Anytime we apply a change to our belief system we change ourselves. Believe it or not (no pun intended), once upon a time people believed the world was flat and if you sailed out to sea too far you would fall off the edge, nowadays we would laugh our socks off if someone told us that. That’s the funny thing about beliefs, especially old beliefs, is that they can hurt us more than they can help us – if we let them. We can stay in our old patterns of behaviour because we don’t believe we can achieve anything else.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you think what you always thought, you do what you always did and you get what you always got.

Ask yourself this question – What would I need to believe to be true in order that I lose weight?

Because your beliefs do have a huge impact upon your life, but when you take action and change them you can make amazing changes in your weight and your life.

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