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Help with Anxiety & Negative Feelings

Today I’m at my North London hypnotherapy clinic, Centennial Medical Centre in Elstree.

While I take a break between my hypnotherapy clients I want to share this vlog is an insight into my philosophy on how to make you feel good.

It is very simple and you can do this at home anytime you want to feel good or fabulous infact!

If you have a day where things aren’t going great and you are not feeling good in yourself, things are piling up and you may have stress at home with the kids or some financial stress or pressures at work, it can all get on top of you.

You want to find a solution to help you feel better.

You know how you are feeling on the inside and you know how you want to feel, so we will call that a negative feeling, because it’s a set of negative feelings that you want to get rid of at that moment in time, which are holding you back.

So if you have a set of feelings that you don’t want to feel, that means that you also have a set of feelings that you do want to feel. But as of yet, you are not feeling that way.

You have a set of feelings on the inside that you DON’T want to have and there is a whole set of feelings on the outside (because you can see how you want to feel) that you haven’t as yet learnt to put on the inside.

It’s actually quite simple; you take the feelings you see on the outside and you imagine what they would feel like if they were already on your inside. Think about how great you now feel, because you can see how you want to feel.

But you have to take the feelings on the inside, those feelings that don’t feel good and you put them on the outside.

So if you do this process enough times, what you are left with is the feelings that you do want and you have got rid of the feelings that you don’t want.

Give it a go!

If you want to find out how hypnotherapy can help you please send me an email and I will be delighted to share how you can benefit from hypnosis sessions.