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The Celebrity Secret: Hypnotherapy

The Celebrity Secret Hypnotherapy

The Celebrity Secret: Hypnotherapy

Do you want to know the secret that celebrities have been hiding for years? It’s the revolutionary act of Hypnosis. Known for its calming approach and interactive relaxation effects, Hypnosis is a little-known aspect of celebrity culture that keeps them happy, thriving and on a continuous path of success and growth.

Hypnotherapy does wonders for legions of celebrities and it can do the same for you. The reality is this; Hypnotherapy is extremely effective at helping everyone in many different ways.

It can help some to stop smoking, overeating or drinking excessively. It can help others to become more productive at work, make more money and create the best life choices possible. It can even help others to overcome more serious issues such as depression, anxiety, and addictions.

When there is a problem, Hypnosis is the solution.

What Hypnotherapy creates in an individual, is a state of mind that is in-balance and in-control. It enables everyone to be the best version of themselves. Natural and completely based on the strong ability of the mind, Hypnotherapy is effective at creating a mind-set in people that is completely on-point to where they want to be now and where they want to go in the future.

It breaks down the unseen walls and boundaries that lie dormant in the mind and it makes way for the best possible outcomes to occur.

Elliott Wald, The Hypnosis Expert offers a truly effective approach to therapy, that countless people have come to rely on as a solution to the problems that ail them. It puts the power back into the individual, releasing negativity and anger in a positive and spiritual way. Those who have experienced Hypnosis are instantly put on a path to positivity that they never could have achieved alone. There is no need for any artificial devices, drugs or anything but a qualified and professional hypnotist and an individual with an open mind.

No matter what you have been through, no matter what you want to achieve, Hypnotherapy will help you to reach higher realms in your life that you can be proud of.

The list of celebrities using Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, to help make positive changes in their lives; to help them to overcome their bad habits and personal problems or to eliminate their limitations is endless…

Many well-known actors, sports personalities, models, reality TV celebrities, entrepreneurs and world leaders, have all turned to Hypnosis for overcoming their personal issues or conditions.

Matt Damon went on National TV and told Jay Leno that using Hypnosis was “the greatest decision I ever made in my life”, to enable him to stop smoking.

David Beckham, seeking the private health of a Hypnotist for “personal issues”; Orlando Bloom, using it for weight loss and Tiger Woods has used Hypnosis to help him to get “into the zone” and stay focused when it counts on the golf course.

Sophie Dahl was a “plus sized” model from England. After a change of heart she dropped a huge amount of weight with help from Hypnosis for weight loss. Now she leads a healthy lifestyle, is a beautiful pin-up model and has managed to keep the weight off, as 10 years later she is still a size 8 dress size!

Orlando Bloom used Hypnosis as a child. His mother took him to see a hypnotist to help him to overcome his addiction to chocolate and also to help him to lose weight and get into shape.

Tiger Woods has famously used Hypnosis ever since he was a child. He used a mixture of Hypnosis, NLP and visualization to help him to focus and improve his concentration and “get into the zone”… As one of the highest paid sports stars and most successful golfers ever, it definitely worked for him!

Steve Hooker won a Gold Medal at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games in the Pole Vault. He puts his success down to not only his dedicated training routines and high ambitions, but also thanks Hypnosis for helping him to visualize his success time and time again, so that he felt completely comfortable and “at home” on the day.

Lily Allen used weight loss Hypnosis successfully – she lost so much weight she dropped 3 dress sizes and has kept the weight off since.

Aaron Eckhart listened to Hypnotherapy tapes to help him to beat smoking and alcohol addictions, later stating in an interview that it changed his life forever.

Ashton Kutcher used Hypnosis when he first got into acting to help him to focus and to visualize his own success and stardom.

Kevin McBride listens to his hypnosis sessions before every (boxing) fight. He claims this gets him into a positive and focused state of mind and focuses him on winning.

Ellen DeGeneres underwent Hypnosis live on her TV chat show and used its power to successfully stop smoking.

Ben Affleck was quoted as saying “I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago”.

Kevin Costner had his own private Hypnotist flown out to Hawaii (while he was filming Waterworld), to cure him of his sea-sickness which was plaguing his filming schedule – from then onwards Kevin was fine in the water.