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Creating a Mental Shift

Weight loss articles by ‘The Hypnosis Expert’


Many people around the planet feel that successful weight loss is an equation that is based upon  proper food intake choices and enhanced activity levels alone. While these variables are without doubt important, there is something far more profound that determines weight loss success. It is the very mindset of the individual – the state in which one exists mentally. It is the single most overlooked and vastly important key to achieving weight loss.

Let’s examine some of the related concepts and learn how to initiate a proactive mental shift that will move you into the fast lane for successful weight management:

To lose weight you have to get your attitude right!

    • The outcome of any given situation is heavily dependent upon the attitude of the individual dealing with it. You have to first understand that it doesn’t matter how fancy your health club may be; which diet you choose to experiment with this time; which “miracle” supplements you take or anything else. What matters is your personal commitment to gain control over your weight loss. You simply must approach weight loss with a consistently-good attitude – one that will lead you to the happiness of good health and a more fit lifestyle.
  • Understand that fitness is a lifelong endeavor – something that must become instilled into your very core.
    • So many people want to get fit for summer; to go to the beach; for a marriage, prom or date and various other scenarios. They unfailingly regain the weight that they manage to lose because they are never truly committed to developing a more-generally healthful lifestyle. Being fit and managing your weight successfully are concepts that need to addressed all through life – not simply in spots here and there.
  • You have to face the facts about your physicality.
    • Most people are already well aware of what they need to change about their health levels. They are aware of what and when they eat too much. They know when they lay around on the couch eating junk food instead of being active and eating a healthy snack. They know, year after year, that they are destroying themselves from the inside out. And still, they put off and put off initiating positive health-yielding habits. You must develop with intent if you wish to advance towards your weight management and fitness goals.
  • Set realistic health goals – and then stick to them!
    • Let’s face it: nobody can increase your health levels for you. It is for you alone to do. Thousands of people everywhere, every day, begin health-enhancing programs with no real intention of seeing them through to lifelong fruition. Think about it: why would you want to get fit just to slide back into your current health levels? It just doesn’t make any sense. Set realistic health goals, stick to them, meet them and then revise them and continue to move forward.
  • Procrastination kills!
    • If you find yourself continually waiting for the “right” time to begin a fitness program, stop it. The “right” time will never come. The only right time is right now. Do it today. Do it now. Make healthy choices starting now. Set healthy goals right now. You either commit or you don’t. Anything less will lead right to where you are right now.
  • ‘Fess up and face the truth about where your choices have led you.
    • Most people are not the shining examples of managed weight and fitness that they will claim to want to be. In fact, most people never will be. Everyone always has a barrage of reasons for not attacking their fitness goals. They blame their genetics. They blame a lack of money or time. They have a million and one excuses with no solid reasons. The fact is that, if you truly desire to be fit and successfully manage your weight, then you have to stop making excuses. Period.
  • Never assume that a “Magic Pill” can take the place of proper attitude, food intake and activity levels.
    • Supplements can be great – it’s true. But there is no replacement for a positive attitude, healthy food choices and regular physical activity. Stop wasting your time and money on magical cures. If they worked, then everyone would be walking around looking great – right? Success begins with truth and the truth is that you cannot buy fitness in a tablet, powder or pill.
  • Even the tastiest junk food cannot equal the deliciousness of a fit body and positive mindset.
    • Stop worrying about how much you will miss a triple-fudge ice cream sundae and start imagining how good you feel as you approach each day with a tight body and sparkling aura. The more that you succeed in your fitness goals, the less you will desire to destroy them anyways with junk food and idleness. Just go for it!
  • Don’t expect motivation to always be there.
    • Too many people charge into a new fitness program only to falter when their motivation subsides. Sometimes, achieving your health goals can seem perilous and slow. You have to employ the power of your will to prevail. When you simply do not feel motivated for any number of reasons, then you must rely on self-discipline – on willful action.

If you truly desire to gain control over your fitness levels and manage your weight effectively, then you are going to have to embrace an intentional mental shift. It is your mind that controls your body. It is your will that dictates your actions. It is your internal strength that governs your success. Be a proactive force for positive changes within your own mind, body and life by creating a positive mental shift from within.

Successful weight loss is a matter of the mind – not food choices and activity levels alone!

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