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Fear of Vomiting (emetophobia)

Causes: Where did my fear of being sick come from?

Emetophobia is generally caused by one of three categories although this may not always be the case. Sometimes the person cannot even remember the root cause of their fear of being sick, others being sick or their fear of vomit.

  1. Direct learning experience: Negative childhood sickness experiences where the unpleasantness was intense enough to produce a single or multiple learned experiences. Or, as a child they witnessed a person close to them being sick or even being sick on them, causing such negative emotions that they learned to subsequently avoid all these perceived ‘dangerous situations’.
  2. Indirect learning experience: A child observing a parent’s or sibling’s fear of vomit can lead to them also developing this fear
  3. Imaginative learning experiences: With an absence of  vomiting, a child, does not learn that it is a normal part of life and the body’s way of recovery by rejecting what is inside. They may ultimately fear vomit because it is alien to them.

No matter what the direct cause, help for your fear of being sick is here now

The actual phobia manifests itself in different ways. Some sufferers experience it almost all the time, others just in response to direct stimuli. Some sufferers spend a number of years ’emetophobia free’ and then, when a particular incident triggers the subconscious to remember the childhood event in question, the fear of sickness starts / restarts.

There are further categories of emetophobia or, put simply, the phobia of vomit.

  1. Fear of themselves vomiting.
  2. Fear of other people vomiting.
  3. Fear of both the above.
  4. Fear of being seen to vomit.

People with a phobia of vomiting often use avoidance tactics and perceive certain situations to be ‘high risk’ which limits their lifestyle. These range from being near people who are ill (and feeling extremely anxious that they might contract the infection themselves) to avoiding crowded places and public transport. Emetophobes may avoid going on holidays, drinking alcohol or eating certain foods. In more extreme cases, they can become socially isolated to minimize the risk of catching any infection.

After watching Elliott helping phobic viewers overcome their fears this is what the presenters said:


It does not matter how long you have been living with your fear or phobia or how severe it appears hypnotherapy can help you overcome them. Elliott has been using hypnotherapy for over thirteen years, helping hundreds of clients to overcome their fears & phobias.

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