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Interview with Elliott Wald

Interview with ‘The Hypnosis Expert’

interview_elliottI am frequently interviewed for the media. Here is a transcript of a recent interview on the subject of phobias, which followed some of my live television demonstrations showing how hypnosis can resolve them.

In non-technical terms, what is a phobia?

A phobia is an intense fear of certain situations, activities, things, places or people. A phobia is when that fear is beyond the individual’s control and has a negative or limiting impact on their lifestyle.

You claim that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are extremely effective in dealing with phobias?

Absolutely. I have hundreds of well documented cases and of course, I have frequently demonstrated the power of hypnosis in clinical surroundings, in teaching hypnotherapy and on live television.

Can hypnotherapy help even in cases where someone has a severe phobia or where they have had a phobia for many years?

Hypnosis works whether a person has suffered their phobia for one year or forty or more years and no matter ho severe their phobia may be. This is because hypnosis reprogrammes the way they think, feel and react to the object of their phobia.

I have watched you hypnotise a man to cure his phobia of heights and you did it in a very short space of time. What is the average period that it takes for phobia cures?

The reason that hypnosis is so effective with resolving phobias is that it is a ‘brief strategic therapy’, using hypnotherapy techniques that produce lasting results very quickly. I would typically take an hour or so to discuss the client’s specific phobia with them and their reactions. Then we would have a session of hypnosis based on this information and that is all that is needed.

What are the most common phobias that people bring to you?

That is difficult to answer because there have been so many over a very long period. I guess I’d have to put fear of flying or driving near the top of the list. Phobias about spiders or birds are quite common and other people have phobias concerning high places.

A surprisingly common phobia concerns either the individual or those around them being sick. It is an interesting one because many people with this phobia often believe it is unique to them.

What about the more unusual phobias?

If you mean the ones that don’t often get reported on, well for example, live on the ITV ‘Good Morning’ show I treated an unusual phobia of mud. I have had other clients with phobias of round objects and even a phobia concerning cotton wool.

You helped a lady who had been indoors for seven years?

Yes. One of the joys of running a busy hypnotherapy practice is that you can never tell what issues you will be presented with each day. This lady had agoraphobia which is a phobia concerning the fear of being out of doors and as you say, her phobia meant that she hadn’t left her house for seven years. Within half a day, I was able to take her to the local shops and then even to a busy shopping centre.

You are often introduced on radio and TV as the hypnosis expert?

This is a title that I never take lightly, because it reflects my many years of research, training and of helping thousand of clients. There are many hypnotherapists in Britain and yet only a few have the necessary knowledge or the experience based ability of using it for their clients’ benefits.

That is one of the reasons why I am always happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnosis on live TV, by helping real people with real issues and lasting results.

I respect my own hard earned expert status and you will see that it is the basis of my web site where you can find out much more about hypnotherapy and see some dramatic video clips.

Elliott Wald, thank you for your time.

It has been a pleasure and thank you too.

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