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gastricSuccessful Weight Loss: Photo-based Food Journals Will Help You to Shed Those Pounds!


It has been proven many times in various clinical studies, that keeping a journal of your food intake is very instrumental in helping you succeed at reaching your weight loss goals. A technique to make it far more powerful, is to also incorporate digital pictures of what you choose to consume as well.

Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to Be a Hit and Miss Ball-game!

In a recent report by Reuters, it was stated that people who regularly keep a food journal lose on average, twice the amount of weight as those who do not keep journals. You see, we are not conditioned to pay close enough attention to what we ingest. For example, if I were to ask you what you had for breakfast three Tuesdays ago, you most likely wouldn’t have a clue. You are not in the habit of paying attention and especially not to committing all of your food intake choices to your long-term memory.

Studies concerning human memory show conclusively, that the brain loses 80% of the finer details about a given situation within 24 hours after it transpires. That figure shoots up to 99% after just two weeks. That shows why it is so hard for us to remember what we eat on a daily basis. Writing down your food intake choices in a food journal not only logs what you have eaten, it keeps your weight loss goals firmly within your mind.

Keeping a food journal with pictures allows you to easily:

  • Analyze your food intake choices;
  • Spot patterns of negativity within your diet – i.e. do you have a biscuit every time you take tea?
  • Make you aware of incorrect eating habits – like late night fattening snacks;
  • Show you how often you really are snacking between meals;
  • Know what times of the day (or night) that you are prone to search out snacks;
  • Point out the real amount of soda and/or alcohol that you consume;
  • Control your budget more effectively by bringing awareness to take-out foods and/or eating out;
  • Become aware of your portion sizes;
  • Track your moods and feelings that are associated with different food types;
  • Pay attention to who you were around when eating certain types of foods/drinks;
  • And so much more!

Keeping a photo-based food journal is really more of an exercise in staying focused and in remaining aware. Your awareness of your weight loss goals needs to remain constant. If it isn’t in your thoughts, then it isn’t in your life. That’s why so many fail to lose weight and keep it off!

Remember – you have to lose weight from your head down!

Begin today to chart your meals, snacks and even your beverages. Be sure to include the following variables:

  • What you ate;
  • How much of it you ate;
  • When you ate it;
  • Did you prepare it, get take-out, or eat it at a restaurant?
  • Who were you with?
  • How did you feel both before and after you ate it?

Get in the habit of taking pictures of what you are eating with your digital camera and print them out. Then glue them into your food journal. Be as detailed as possible in your journal entries. Take the time to be thorough about each entry! By doing this, you will automatically become more consciously aware of all of your food intake choices. I always ask my clients, ‘If taking some food photos and making a scrap book food journal helps you to lose the weight and keep it off, isn’t it worth it?’

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