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Lose Weight with a Blueprint

Weight loss articles by ‘The Hypnosis Expert’

gastricOver the years, I have travelled tens of thousands of miles delivering my ‘Winning the Mental Weight Loss Game’ seminar. Earlier this year, I travelled from my home in the United Kingdom to give a seminar in Sydney, Australia. Because of the time I had to leave my house to avoid the traffic to the airport; the obligatory two-hour check in before take off; exiting the plane for refuelling and in Bangkok, Thailand; new passengers joining in to continue the onward journey; the arrival at Sydney airport; waiting to reclaim my baggage; clearing the security at customs and the onward travel in the chauffer-driven car to arrive at my hotel, the complete journey from door to door took a whopping 36 hours!

It was during this time that I wished we had the ability to simply teleport from one destination and arrive seconds later at another. Have you ever felt like that? How great would that be?

What if we could travel instantly through time!?

Imagine being able to go into the future and see yourself two years from now. Well you can, but first you need a set of instructions for this time travel – a compelling blueprint for transference. You must have one if you wish to project yourself forward to your desired destination. Without a clear direction of where you want to get to, a blueprint, how would you ever arrive there?

It would be like going to the airport and asking for a ticket to an unspecified destination. It just doesn’t make any sense! You need to direct your mind and your thoughts towards a specified destination. You need to visualize the end result. And then you need to follow through with a solid plan for action. It is essential you know exactly where you want to go. Otherwise, you would be like Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland – wondering, lost and confused.

Alice asks the Cheshire Cat, ‘would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here? Without any clear idea of where it is she wants to go, she just wants to get somewhere – anywhere. The Cheshire Cat responds that Alice is sure to get somewhere if she just walks long enough. So, she ventures blindly forward.

When I say you can go out into the future and see yourself two years from now, I don’t mean you can actually teleport physically into the future. Of course, you cannot. But you can mentally and it’s a powerfully-rewarding self-hypnosis exercise that you can use to help lose weight. See the blueprint of how you can look slimmer, become healthier and live a fitter lifestyle!

Creating the Blueprint

Just take a moment or two and imagine how you want to look two years from now. You already have the picture in your mind. Envision having already lost the weight. See a motivated, committed, incredibly-happy you! Include as much detail as you can. Take your time. Your orchestrating your future and it WILL materialize!

What do you look like in 2 years?

Imagine stepping into the body of the future you. It’s like you’re trying on a new piece of beautiful clothing for the very first time. You look awesome!

What does that feel like?

Notice what’s different. Experience the sense of success that envelopes you. See yourself in a crowd of people, all of them looking at you in admiration. Feel the pride emanating from within you. Now, imagine being able to turn around in this body of the future you, seeing all the changes that you made and seeing what got you here looking so fabulous.

Remember when an architect draws the blueprint for a building, there will usually be some changes along the way. The architect simply adapts the changes to create the design that he or she desires. When obstacles or challenges arise, the architect must revise the blueprint to accommodate them and to develop a new solution. It will be the same with your blueprint for weight loss.

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