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Recording Artist Loses 56 Pounds

She Now Looks as Breath-taking as She Sounds

gastric**Whenever Elliott Wald is called upon to personally coach celebrities or other high-profile persons, every measure is fully taken to assure their complete anonymity. In the case of this article, names have been changed and certain information has been omitted to ensure confidentiality**

In the following interview with world-renowned Hypnosis Expert and success Coach, Elliott Wald, he described to me the circumstances that pertain to one of his most memorable callings. We have changed the recording artist’s name to simply Carolyn for the complete protection of her identity…

Alan Roberts: Elliott, can you please give us a bit of background as to Carolyn’s personality and preferences to help us set the scene in our minds?

Elliott Wald: Carolyn felt most comfortable when she was in the recording studio. She said that’s where she felt at home and to her, it was a place of non-judgment – just her and the microphone. Allowing her mind to drift and to come alive as she laid down tracks in a soundproofed room, it always created an opportunity for her mind to escape from the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that she had about her body and what she later described to me as the ‘body she didn’t belong in’. As a recording artist it was her voice that she felt she should be judged on, but that wasn’t always the case, as anyone who carries extra weight well knows. Carolyn would say that she was completely comfortable dealing with her agent by phone, but that here confidence always plummeted during all instances of personal or public exposure.

AR: What are some of the ways that she would try to cope with these feelings? She must have had to make regular public appearances.

EW: She told me that she spent a lot of time with clothing designers and trying to develop a wardrobe of clothing that would effectively hide her size. She was constantly worried about the ways that she was perceived by others, especially her fans. She would often refer to herself as a “Big Momma”. She was a personal friend of another of my celebrity clients and she had seen the long term weight loss results, that we had created for her. Knowing that I could help her too, she took the initiative of making the initial contact with me.

AR: I see – that’s great, really. Please just continue.

EW: Now, I live in the United Kingdom and Carolyn lived nearly 1200 miles from me, but she had made up her mind and was desperate to do something about her weight loss desires. She needed to lose this weight and she said that she was ready to commit. She said repeatedly to me during our initial chat on the telephone that she was ‘living in the body she didn’t belong in’. Although she trusted me implicitly, right from the beginning, Carolyn was naturally hesitant and seriously concerned partly because of Fear – the fear of not succeeding again, at losing the weight and then being able to keep it off. Carolyn said that she had a very busy schedule, as she was collaborating with another artist on a new single and she wanted to think about it for a while.

AR: So, are you saying that even though she knew she needed to take action, she was still procrastinating?

EW: Very perceptive. Two months passed by before Carolyn called me back. She said, “I have to confess; I have my reservations about going into this, but I lost 14 pounds in the past, so I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. And, after all, I have voice coaches to perfect my vocals, so why not a ‘mind coach’ to help me lose weight? When can we do it, Elliott?” she asked. I told Carolyn that I could fly out in five weeks and that it would be best to schedule five consecutive full-time days together. Then afterwards, we would need to talk for half an hour to an hour on the phone, once a week indefinitely. We agreed on my fees and expenses and her PA arranged the flights and accommodations.

AR: OK, so you had an agreement. Now, when you were flown to meet her, tell me what happened from the onset.

EW: Within the first two hours of meeting Carolyn, it was evident that her mind-set towards losing weight needed a drastic overhaul. From the ways that she described herself and her habits to comfort her unhappy feelings, it was clear there was a lot of change necessary. And, of course I set about it straight away. Carolyn now says that for the first day she was sceptical about my techniques. She says now that everything that I taught her still resonates with her.

It was always interesting for me to observe the language she used. As a professional singer, she was used to thinking in terms of sounds and vibrations. When she said things like, “resonated” or “that sounds fine to me” or “I’m in tune with that” or “I hear you as clear as a bell”, I knew that we were getting on the same playing field. So, of course I accentuated that affect. So, as I coached Carolyn in the system of using her mind to lose weight, I used words that fitted her model of the world – words that worked best in her mind.

AR: That is very interesting, Elliott. And it certainly makes a lot of sense. You disarmed her scepticism in part, by simply choosing words that she associated with confidence and her own abilities.

EW: That’s exactly right and it really got her into what we were trying to accomplish – what we DID accomplish – on a much higher level than she ever thought possible. On the second day, Carolyn had grasped the basic principles that I was presenting to her and was surprising herself. She was noticing small changes in her feelings and behaviours already. She said, “I am a bit of a rebel at heart when it comes to following rules, Elliott. I like to bend them. But with you, it’s all just making so much sense. YES I get it! – all of it!” She was truly exuberant. Her mind grasped all of the concepts thoroughly and we became a great team. At the end of our five days together Carolyn was thoroughly refocused with a clearly defined goal and a solid path to reach it. She was efficiently exercising a new set of thoughts to empower her and deliver her to her weight loss goals and so much more as well!

AR: That is fantastic! You instantly were able to break through her procrastination, her scepticism, her lacking self-confidence and more. Tell me about what is going on with Carolyn today, Elliott.

EW: Well, after I had returned to England, we continued our telephone conversations once a week and it was very clear that the new Carolyn was emerging. Her weight started to come off and her confidence began to soar. Instead of experiencing the fear and dread that she used to when she had to engage in meetings with producers and other artists, she found herself looking forward to it. She finally was living in the body that belonged to her! She blossomed more than ever as an individual and also as an artist. Her new levels of confidence and belief had permeated every area of her life.

AR: So, how does this uplifting story end, Elliott?

EW: It doesn’t end. Carolyn has created a completely new outlook on life. She no longer requires our weekly coaching sessions. She now phones me periodically simply because we are friends. When I last spoke to her, she was 56 pounds lighter than when I had first met her. I am so proud of and happy for her that I can’t even express it.

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