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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy


Medical Testimonials

doctor“As a surgeon for more than 25 years, I have a responsibility to help my patients stop smoking, as in the majority of cases it may save their lives. I refer my patients to EasyStop because the Method is the most effective way to stop smoking that I have found to date. My own daughter gave up smoking using the EasyStop Method over 18 months ago and has not smoked since. As a father, I am delighted with that and will continue to recommend EasyStop, as I have personally seen the results.”
B.M.W.B. – Surgeon, Surrey Hospital

“I am pleased to endorse the EasyStop Method of smoking cessation and will continue to recommend it to my patients, friends and family in the future.”
M.A. – Dentist – West Sussex


Elliott Wald Training the medical team in how to stop smoking in Philippines.


Elliott Wald Training the medical team in how to stop smoking in Australia.


Client Testimonials

quote1“I am a very sceptical person and when I read about the EasyStop method claiming that in only two sessions I would stop forever I was unsure. I used to smoke 20 a day. 4 years ago I went to EasyStop and I have never smoked again. Not only that, I have never wanted to!”


quote2“Since completing the EasyStop course I have not had a single cigarette. I was surprised to find it was easy not smoking, and I no longer found the idea of cigarettes appealing. Now I always go for the no smoking section of a restaurant. It is easier than I thought to not smoke cigarettes.”
Alex Prior (Luton)*


quote3“218,400 cigarettes. That’s over 30 years of smoking at an average of 20-30 per day! “I used the EasyStop method over four years ago, since that day I have never smoked; my only wish was that I had done it years ago.”
Berrol Neil-Morrice (Southampton)*


quote4“Six months and I’m still off the cigarettes!”
Sue Kelly*


quote5“88 years young, I smoked for over 70 years, i went to see Elliott Wald, and yes it really was easy!!”
Lucy B (Luton)*


“After 40 years of smoking, I thought I would never stop, but the EasyStop method really works.”
Pauline Baker (Luton)*


“I have more money to spend; I live a safer life; above all, I am free, thanks to EasyStop!”
Paul Webster (Leighton Buzzard)*


“Finding it very easy not to smoke, although they’re on my mind I have no intention of either wanting or having one. I am calm and not ratty at all. Thanks a lot.”
Paul Carpenter (Dunstable)*


“Still not smoking. I don’t want one either – great!”
Michelle Messenger (St. Albans)*


“It was as if a light had been turned on inside of me and I knew in that instance that I was, and would always be a non-smoker.”
Andrew Lacey (Luton)*


“Just a quick note to celebrate my first year as a non-smoker. Your method was amazing – Thank you so much.”
Trudi Kleanthous (Luton)*


“It’s been 3 years since I used the EasyStop method and I have not smoked nor wanted to.”
Julie Thomas (Dunstable)*


“It’s been one year today since I gave up smoking after seeing you. I’d like to say thank you.”
Jo Fossey (Luton)*


“After 30 years of smoking, I tried to quit, I went on the medical trials for patches, I tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture, tapes, books, nicotine gum, patches again, inhalator all to no avail, then I went to EasyStop, I stopped and that was over two years ago”
Jenny G. (Bedford)*


“Steve and I are still going strong. I can’t remember ever having the urge to smoke. The very thought of it repulses me. Steve says that the money and health aspect of smoking makes him stay strong. We can’t thank EasyStop enough for helping us live this better smoke free life, a life that we could have only dreamt of before. Will keep letting people know how successful we have found your service.”
Jacqui P. (Luton)*

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person