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Talk Yourself Slimmer

Weight loss articles by ‘The Hypnosis Expert’

Weight Loss Success: Talk Yourself Slimmer!


gastricYou are under attack! Does this sound familiar? You wake up in the morning fully determined to make this the day, that you gain some serious ground towards succeeding in your weight loss goals. You are pumped! You are going to do this! But, as the day rolls onward, your mind starts weakening. Your thoughts drift and you offer yourself every imaginable story, as to why you don’t really need to do it. Your determination weakens? You say to yourself that just one sweet bar couldn’t hurt. You will lessen the amount, but you still want some!

And then the strong start on today meets its end, by becoming the same unproductive finish of yesterday… and the day before… and the day before…

What we are discussing here is known as the Cycle of Motivation and without understanding how it works, you are left at its mercy and it is a non-discriminating KILLER of goals! It is a demon that can only be defeated by engaging in efficient “self-talk”. You see, we are constantly having internal conversations with ourselves – all of us – all of the time! It never ends. And in order to meet our goals, we have to learn to control these conversations. We have to develop and exercise the massive powers of our intellects of our wills.

Our logical, goal-centered arguments are constantly bombarded by counter-arguments that cause a lot of confusion within us. Unless we learn to anticipate these counter-attacks, we will continue to fail to meet our weight loss, or any other type of goals. It is just that simple.

So, how do we win the daily battle against this constant barrage of counter-attacks?

There is only one way: AWARENESS!

You must become aware of your mind’s patterns toward weakness. You see, there is a part of all of us that is very self-serving, a part that, like the flow of an electrical current, will always strive to follow the path of least resistance. THAT is the demon we are speaking of and his name is unbridled emotional response. This demon can only be vanquished through the awareness brought on, by what is termed by the world’s psychologists as “Inoculation Training”. In a nutshell, it means that you have to arm yourself with a complete arsenal of positive weapons, to destroy those weakening counter-arguments and also be constantly on the lookout for their assaults.

Here are some helpful tips to position yourself for victory!

  • RECOGNISE that you WILL be experiencing these counter-arguments;
  • ANTICIPATE what they may be;
  • DEVELOP a list of positive rebuttals to each possible counter-argument;
  • WAIT for them to try to surface in your positive mind;
  • REHEARSE your victories over them constantly in your mind;
  • LAUNCH your assault on them the very second that you even mildly sense their presence;
  • DESTROY them thoroughly;
  • REMAIN centered and repeat this process forever!

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