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gastricThe Power of Words & Associations in Losing Weight

Words and Their Associations are Extremely Powerful!

We underestimate the power of communication and how it impacts the success that we experience in losing weight. We are constantly being communicated to. We constantly communicate with ourselves and we constantly redefine the way that we use words. And we are constantly bombarded with television messages and the subliminal associations presented within them that attempt to change our feelings and cause us to act upon them by buying products.

Did you know that every day, over 900 people type the words weight lose help into a search engine seeking the solution to their weight loss challenges?

When you say the words “weight lose help”, how might your mind be interpreting the message you are giving yourself?

Weight lose help, let’s take each word individually and determine its meaning:

  • Weight – a body’s relative mass
  • Lose – deprived/become unable to find something: I’ve lost my keys
  • Help – make it easier or possible to do something

Let’s put weight lose help together and see how your mind could interpret this phrase:

Weight lose help – making it easier to have lost weight – or maybe –  becoming unable to find your body mass…My Oxford dictionary gives the example of being unable to find your keys, so lets follow that example.

Throughout your whole life, your mind has been learning, soaking up information and creating meaning for it. If you lost your keys, what would you automatically try and do? You would try to find them right?! And they’re always in the last place you look. Just like if you lost your purse, you would try and find it. So, you associate losing something with trying to find it. That’s pretty logical, yes?

Now, when you think in this way, you are running the current cycle of trying to find something again. Looking at it this way, it’s no wonder that if, or when, you have lost weight in the past, your mind thinks that you had better go and find it. And then, you end up right back where you started.

Let’s look at some other examples of things that you have been told, heard, or watched from friends, strangers, family, television and external influences and then try to learn how the associations presented by these sources can affect you – and your ability to lose weight.

When you were young, did your family say things like ‘finish all your dinner and you will grow up big and strong’? What did you learn from this? You learned that finishing everything on your plate, even if you weren’t hungry anymore, is a good thing! So you learned to eat more than you physiologically require.

Did you hear words like ‘If you finish your dinner, you can have a dessert’? What did that teach you? Well, if I finish all my dinner, then I get to have the “good stuff”…a dessert!! So, when you were well-behaved as a child – ‘if you were good’, then  you got to have something ‘nice’. And what was that something nice?… it was sweet and fattening treats!

When it is your birthday, what do people buy to put candles on? A cake! Can you see that you create erroneous associations all through your life, associations that still influence you today as an adult?!

The Power of Television to Make You Fat

Television commercials are full of subliminal messages aimed at changing your associations. The purpose of a television commercial is ultimately to make you buy the product. Because of that goal, much clever psychology goes into the development of producing the commercials. Have a look at some of these and begin to see how they influence your decisions. Observe how the end result leads you to eating and gaining weight. When you develop a heightened awareness of this, you can become wise to these tactics and see them for what they are.

McDonald’s – what do they call the children’s meal? That’s right, they call it a HAPPY Meal. Who doesn’t want to be HAPPY? Already the word HAPPY is associated with your understanding of HAPPY, and good old Ronald McDonald is a funny-looking, smiley character. He’s a HAPPY guy! A survey of American school children found that 96% could readily identify Ronald McDonald. He is the only fictional character with a higher degree of recognition than is Santa Clause. Conversely, only 5% of them could identify President Bush.

Also, McDonald’s includes a FREE TOY in every Happy Meal. Up to 1997, McDonald’s sold about 10 million HAPPY meals per week. In April 1997, within ten days after beginning to include a free Beanie Baby with each Happy Meal, McDonald’s sold about 100 million meals. The children, and adults, were being conditioned to associate Happy Meals with smiles and good times – not necessarily giving any concern to the actual nutritional value contained in a Happy Meal as a food source.

Kentucky Fried Chicken signed a three year promotional deal with the NCAA. Wendy’s used the National Hockey League to promote their products. Recently in the UK, Pizza Hut had a series of adverts with professional soccer players eating pizza – a subliminal connection – associating the famous sports players with Pizza. People are forced to believe that if these healthy, sporty, in-great-physical-condition athletes eat Pizza, then it has to be good for you.

Let me run through a few television commercials that have been shown over the years in the UK. See if you can spot the associations they want you to make with their product and how that can influence you…

Mars chocolate bar – the theme tune at the end of the commercial “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”…

Kit Kat chocolate bar – “Have a break – have a Kit Kat”…

Cadbury’s chocolate bar – “Contains a full glass and a half of milk”…

Flake chocolate bar produced a series of adverts, each with the theme tune,”Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before’… One advert depicted a lady lying in a luxurious bubble bath eating the Flake. Another featured a lady sitting in a tranquil meadow eating the Flake. Another, a lady sitting in the comfort of her beautiful lounge looking out the window at the rain pouring down outside, while she rested easily in warm comfort eating her Flake. Each advert carefully and subtly conveyed the messages of comfort, reward, and tranquility.

Rolo chocolates – the slogan “Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?”…

Right now in the UK, Dominos Pizza sponsors The Simpsons. Every time there is a commercial break, you get the Dominos advert: Simpson’s, fun, entertainment, enjoying life…and so an automatic association is created…Getting the picture?

The Wimpy Lonely Raisin Becomes Hip…

Heres a great example of the power of changing associations. In 1986, the California Raisin Advisory Board was expecting a huge harvest. Unfortunately, their sales had been falling by 1% annually. So, they turned to their advertising guru and a team of psychologists. The solution was simple: change the associations that consumers had regarding raisins. In other words, change their feelings.

Raisins were then considered to be just dried-out, shriveled grapes – not particularly appealing. At the time, a resurgence of the Motown classic ‘I Heard It through the Grapevine’ was enjoying phenomenal success. What if they could associate the feelings of the song that made people feel good and link that to the boring raisin? Will Vinton, an animator, was drafted in to make about thirty clay figures, each with a different personality, the figures danced along smiling and laughing to the Motown classic and successfully linked strong feelings of humor, fun and pleasure to what was once dull unattractive fruit. The association change in the general public was so strong that the raisin industry went from losing 1% annually to a 20% growth in sales annually.

How many associations can you think of from the television adverts you have watched? Remember some of the sayings people used as you grew up and what underling messages you can now recognize in them.

What will you notice NOW, as you become aware of the sophisticated mental traps that the food industry lays before you every day to lead you into temptation? Will you blindly fall into their traps  – or will you decide to make yourself immune to their attempts to redefine your associations for their profits?

It’s your choice…Be influenced and follow…Or make your own choices…And become slimmer!

Remember: You have to lose weight from the head down!

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