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Weight loss and Hypnotherapy:

The weight loss programme

Internationally-renowned Hypnosis Expert, Mind Coach & author Elliott Wald has over 20 years of experience, helping people just like you to lose weight, become slimmer and happier. Read on and soon you will begin to understand how his unique background created a weight loss programme that is unlike no other, a bold statement, but one Elliott is confident that you will agree with and be keen to use yourself.

The Foundation of the weight loss programme

It all began over 27 years ago, when Elliott was an overweight 15 year old teenager, he was introduced to his first gym by his uncle, here at last he found something that rewarded him for his efforts and being incredible motivated. He soon began to carve out the body he desired. By the time he was 17, he had entered his first ever bodybuilding show where he subsequently won the junior under 21 category, carrying 87kg and with 5% body fat. He continued his competitive career for nearly ten years until 1996 and at the height of his career qualifying for the British Championships.

It was during this time, that he learned so much about nutrition, exercise and physiology and was frequently being asked advice on how to lose weight and get into shape; it was a natural progression when Elliott became certified physical training instructor. Working as a personal trainer, he acquired an impressive portfolio of private clients and has worked within numerous health clubs, including the most prestigious health clubs in the United Kingdom and the USA including Gold’s Gym and the Beverly Hills Health Club.

He naturally gravitated towards an approach for weight loss that centred primarily on exercise, combined with a solid nutritional program and proceeded to develop balanced food intake regimens for his clients as well. He discovered that no matter how desperate people may claim to be to lose weight and keep it off, extreme exercise and dieting plans are simple temporary measures that people adhere to for a short time. Elliott continued to witness people failing to be able to stick to the plans for sustained weight loss that they so seriously desired. They were unable to fixate their motivation.

Discovering Hypnosis for Weight loss

It was in 1994 that he began to look at the psychology the very core that allowed some to succeed and maintain, while others found it extremely challenging seeking out the very strategies that could be applied in helping everyone succeed, devouring hundreds of books on hypnosis, psychology, personal development and listening to audio programs on human potential. As Elliott says ‘I quickly learnt and understood that our Creator gave us an amazing powerful tool in the human mind and that we can do absolutely anything that any other human being has already succeeded in doing. In other words, if one person can achieve significant weight loss, then we all have the ability to achieve weight loss. After all, we all have similar neurology and DNA. As he delved deeper in the thirst for knowledge with his sights set on harnessing and using the power of the mind, it became clear that all human beings can change the embedded patterns and habits they have learnt, developed and practiced over a lifetime.

Outstanding Results applying Hypnosis for Weight loss

He started introducing some of these psychological tools geared towards weight loss and the results were stunning. His clients began shedding the extra pounds. They were getting slimmer, healthier and happier and they were staying that way! He then embarked on a journey of learning all about how we think and act upon our thoughts and how to use them for our own success in life.

Today an Expert in the Field of Hypnosis

Now With over 20 years of experience in applying the psychology of human behaviour to help people make phenomenal transformations in their lives and bodies, Elliott is a Hypnosis Expert and certified Master and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

He has also studied a multitude of psychological disciplines, involving personal development which he incorporates into his distinctive mentoring style. He has worked with numerous celebrity clients and CEOs. Most importantly, Elliott has personally coached tens of thousands of people on both an individual basis and at his seminars, which have been delivered on over three continents in many countries with extraordinarily-successful results; he is the author of ‘Wining the Mental Weight loss Game’

Elliott is now a regular face on our TV screens, having numerous appearances as the Hypnosis Expert of ITV’s This Morning Show and ‘Lorraine Kelly’s Next Big Fat Challenge’ demonstrating his outstanding skills. His success continues to be featured on television, in newspapers, magazines and radio. There has been an exceptional reaction since his successful weight loss seminar was shown on BBC2 Alternative Therapies show with professor Kathy Sykes. These highly entertaining events have shown many thousands of people that they CAN ‘lose weight by using the powerful connections between your mind and body, to control cravings and shed weight without willpower or pills.

Hypnosis for Weight loss is the vital missing ingredient

To properly understand this science for creating and maintaining physical changes, the only real challenge is to get our head where it needs to be and then to keep it there! Elliott skilfully combines his accumulated proven knowledge in order to give you the vital missing ingredient, to the formula that will achieve a slimmer, more vital you. The weight loss programme empowers you to create life-long physical and mental changes as part of a psychological and emotional process.

You see, it’s all really about our constant intent – our ability to consistently do what it is that we know we need to do.

We have to change our ways of thinking and our attitudes. We have to change our perceived reality, then we are in the right place to eat healthily and to incorporate some exercise into our lives, because it becomes a natural habit and something we our minds want to do. Developing a series of strategies for more elegantly, quickly and effectively, producing the results you desire. And then we will ultimately change our bodies forever.

A study published in the American Medical Association Journal, found that two and a half years after weight loss, those who used a weight loss coach were more successful at keeping the weight off.

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Weight loss expert have the knowledge, experience, training and tools needed to support clients throughout their weight loss journey

Elliott’s unique 20+ year mix of experience and knowledge

1986 – 1996
Elliott was a competitive athlete, competing at both British and European championship levels.

Diploma in Nutrition (Elliott has an in depth understanding and knowledge of nutrition).

Qualified personal trainer, diplomas in exercise, physiology and anatomy.

1989 – 1996

Personal Trainer, Elliott has had the privilege to work at some of the world’s most well-regarded health clubs, including the Beverly Hills Health Club in Los Angeles, the famous Gold’s gym in both Los Angeles and the UK.

Certificate in hypnotherapy 1995 – NLP practitioner


Elliott Wald retired from competitive sports, (although he still trains five times per week for up to two hours a time).


Elliott began in full time practice, opening his own centre to help clients use hypnosis, NLP and re-programme their mental patterning.


Certification in clinical hypnosis


Diploma awarded from the prestigious British Medical Hypnotherapy Examination Board, Elliott then went on to learn from the world famous Paul McKenna and has assisted a number of Paul McKenna’s seminars.

paulmckenna“Elliott Wald is an experienced and professional clinical practitioner, his high level skills in Hypnosis, NLP and coaching is exemplified with his success in helping people make significant changes in their lives” Paul McKenna

Trained with the creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler NLP Practitioner
Trained with the creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler Certified NLP Master
Trained with the creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler Certified NLP Trainer
Licenced by the society of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Elliott’s continual pursuit in human excellence, has taken him around the world learning, studying and using the skills he has learned from:

Paul McKenna
Dr. Richard Bandler
Dr. Rubin Battino
Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Stephen Gillingham
Dr. John Grinder
John La Valle
Michael Neil
Tony Robbins
Stephen Covey

Elliott has clinics in Luton, Bedfordshire and Elstree, Hertfordshire;

Luton, Bedfordshire –  located 5 minutes from the M1 Junction 10 click here for a map. For clients coming by train 0.5 mile from either Luton parkway station or Luton Mainline station. For clients flying in from Europe the clinic is only 10 minutes from Luton Airport.

Elstree, Hertfordshire – located at Centennial Medical Care, with close links to M1 and M25. For clients coming by train 1.9 miles from Elstree & Borehamwood station.