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Weight loss – Why This Works

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Why does this weight loss method work so well? Because it gets your mind working for you it is based on sound, proven and totally safe powerful hypnotherapy techniques, developed and refined over twenty years to achieve weight loss success. Quite simply, because it shows you how to use the power of your mind to change the way you think, feel and behave towards food, motivation and exercise. It works because it helps you change your negative habits, giving you a brand new mind-set and allowing you to lose weight for good!

Do you recognise any of these negative habits?

  • Eating when you’re not hungry
  • Snacking
  • Cravings
  • Overeating
  • Lack of motivation
  • Self-sabotage
  • Rewarding yourself too early and too often

Hypnotherapy & Weight Loss Habits

suppliedbyelliottinworddocemail28sep2012The above list contains the key negative “Mental Habits” or sometimes referred to as “Bad Habits” that make weight loss seem like an endless battle. Your existing habits were developed in your mind a long time ago and have now become automatic, when stimulated by certain external and internal influences and are part of the process that up to now, have prevents you from achieving the body you desire and that’s why hypnotherapy for weight loss works so well.

Finally the truth about weight loss and a successful method to create new habits to help you lose weight

Our brain creates habits to help us through our daily routines, like putting on your seat belt every time you get in the car. They are actions that we do on auto-pilot but just as we learned good habits that we do automatically, we out having to think about so we develop bad habits or negative habits, we don’t just form habits on our behaviours, we also create habits on our thoughts. Habits are routine behaviours repeated on a regular basis; they are a link between a trigger and your response to that trigger.

They become an unconscious pattern of behaviour. Habits are not run by your conscious mind, they work from your unconscious automatically, for example, a stimulus for snacking may be boredom triggered by just something to do late in the evening or a bad day at work, an argument, negative thinking or perhaps a reward for a well deserved day. A learned response for dealing with this boredom may be snacking and over a period of time, our habitual response to boredom becomes snacking and it becomes an automatic negative behaviour. A habit can also just be the thought of fancying something and your response to that thought, so in order to change a negative habit, you must alter your unconscious thoughts and feelings that triggers that habit. Using hypnosis for weight loss, a highly skilled and experienced hypnotherapist is able to change those habits at an unconscious level, forming new beneficial habits allowing you to be in control and leaving you free to succeed with your weight loss goals.

According to Wikipedia;

Habits are automatic routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly without thinking. They are learned, not instinctive, human behaviours that occur automatically, without the explicit contemporaneous intention of the person.

Probably the Most Successful hypnosis Weight Loss Program available today

There has been a phenomenal response since Elliott Wald launched his weight loss seminars sixteen years ago, which have been presented around the world. His unique approach and hypnosis skills have been nothing less than outstanding. There has been an exceptional reaction since his successful weight loss seminar was shown on BBC2 Alternative Therapies show, with Professor Kathy Sykes. These highly entertaining events have shown many thousands of people that they CAN‘lose weight by using the powerful connections between your mind and body, to control cravings and shed weight without willpower or pills.

When you use hypnotherapy to lose weight it is not about a diet it is a life style change

Maybe you just need to shed one to three stone, or perhaps you want to lose four, five or even ten stone. Frankly, the amount does not matter.

What matters is that you want to lose weight.

Elliott Wald Hypnosis Expert, will show you how to replace your negative habits with positive habits masterfully and using the art of hypnosis, helping you to respond positively differently and automatically giving you back the control to lose weight techniques, that have been used on thousands of people.