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Self Confidence

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for self confidence

Portrait of smiling young business womanCreating a strong sense of confidence and a high level of elf-esteem is one of the most important and beneficial steps towards your happiness and a better life. Your confidence can show in many ways: Your behaviour, your body language, how you speak, what you say and ultimately what you achieve in your life can be a direct result of your level of confidence, and that is why hypnotherapy is so effective in building a foundation of confidence, which enables you to be the person you really wish to be. Hypnosis accesses your inner resources building your self-belief and your inner confidence.

Many people with low self-esteem think that they’re not very important and that their views carry no weight. The word ‘esteem’ comes from a Latin word which means ‘to estimate’. So, self-esteem is how you estimate yourself. Your self-esteem is an ever flowing reflection of what you think about yourself on the inside and what you do on the outside. The good news is that with hypnosis, confidence and self-esteem really can be learned quickly and you will feel happier and be more productive in every area of your life. Confident people… walk confidently… talk confidently… and carry themselves with confidence. Confident people trust their own abilities, have a sense of control in their lives and really believe in themselves. Self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires and you can achieve that too.

Hypnosis builds your self-esteem and increases your self-confidence

Hypnotherapy to increase self-confidence allows you to make better use of your strengths in challenging situations. Your mind is an incredible power. Using hypnosis you can unleash this amazing power to gain success after success, while increasing your self-confidence with each new day.

You’ll be more comfortable in social situations, meet people easily, be more assertive and have smashed away that self-limiting belief. Be confident regardless of the situation, when you feel good about yourself it has a powerful knock-on effect in many areas of your life. Hypnosis can be used to banish the critic on your shoulder so that you see yourself in the most positive light imaginable instead of putting up barriers and saying you cannot do something, hypnosis implants positive thoughts such as ‘I can do it’.

Case Study

Jonathan a 32 year-old businessman, found that feelings of self-doubt were making his job difficult and making it hard to communicate with women. Whenever he was with people, either at work or in a social situation, he found that he had negative thoughts running through his head that he ‘wasn’t good enough’ and that people ‘didn’t like’ him. A new relationship with a woman he liked was not developing as he had hoped. He felt that his negative attitudes were holding him back.


Under hypnosis, Elliott gave Jonathan direct suggestions that he felt confident with people, enjoyed socializing, experienced masses of confidence in his work and felt altogether good about himself.


After two sessions of hypnosis, Jonathan noticed changes developing in his life and after only four sessions, he was more confident in his work and more assertive dealing with colleagues. His relationship with his girlfriend flourished as she found him easier to be with and they decided to move in together.

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