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Fear of Agoraphobia

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for agoraphobia

AgoraphobiaElliott Wald has had numerous television appearances proving time and time again how he can help people overcome their intense phobias. Elliott earned his name and reputation as ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ by walking his talk, this has demonstrated his incredible skills in hypnosis by helping people in the streets of London to overcome their fear and phobias for his show ‘Instant Changes’. He has starred as the Hypnosis Expert on ITV This Morning Show’s phobia week, live on air helping people he has never before met overcome their phobias and fears.

You can view a selection of ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ at work from many of his appearances on the right hand side of this screen.

So what is a phobia?

A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of and a desire to avoid, certain object/s, animals, events or situations. The word is derived from the Greek word “phobos” meaning extreme fear and flight. The ancient Greek god, Phobos, was believed to be able to reduce the enemies of the Greeks to a state of terror, making victory in battle more likely.

You are not born with a phobia – it is a learned response. A response that you have simply programmed into your mind, when confronted by the phobic stimulus and sometimes, even the anticipation or thought of the situation is enough to provoke the response; the person then begins to experience the classic symptoms of panic attacks. Using hypnotherapy, Elliott can re-programme your thoughts, change your associations and replace them with new, more appropriate feelings.

Fear of agoraphobia

The World Health Organisation defines agoraphobia as a cluster of phobias (irrational fears) related to leaving home, entering shops, being in crowds and public places, or travelling alone on buses, trains or planes.

Agoraphobia can begin simply by a person having a panic attack when they are out, this can leave them feeling embarrassed by the event and lead to a change in behaviour, they then begin to limit the places they go to leaving only a few places which they view as ‘safe’, usually places they feel they have total control in and can escape from. Agoraphobia fears can include avoiding situations, such as being in a crowd or standing in a line, being on a bridge, travelling, they may find themselves only able to leave the house with a friend or partner, or go a very short distance from home, eventually the agoraphobia can expand to the point where the person is unable to leave the house at all.

The Agoraphobia Loop

1. They develop anxiety by thinking about an event or situation which is outside of their comfort zone.
2. The thought or feeling of being trapped in that event or situation.
3. Avoiding the situation or event which manifests itself in panic and or anxiety.
4. The fear of the anxiety leads to the agoraphobia.

Phobia of agoraphobia case study

Deborah was 58 years old she had been suffering with agoraphobia for the last five years, she had a husband two grown up children and two grandchildren, apart from walking to her corner shop some 100 meters away she had not left her house for the last five years. She contacted me and we arranged for me to travel to her and spend a day helping her break free from her phobia. The phobia had developed after two separate unrelated incidents happened in a short space of time, the first for no apparent reason; she had been shopping in a department store and out of the blue experienced a panic attack. The second happened a week later when she was driving her car, Deborah was almost home, she had stopped and was indicating to turn left when a driver with undue care and attention shunted her in the rear, her car was damaged and she was badly shaken, after this second event Deborah had only gone to the local shop and would venture no further.


I used a three pronged hypnosis approach;

  1. I helped her access the memorised from her unconscious mind using a hypnotic metaphor and helped her address the thing that she felt where holding her back and stopping her from going out.
  2. Again using hypnosis, I installed a feeling of being calm and in control whenever she pressed her two fingers together, this way as I explained under hypnosis she would feel in control anywhere, anyplace and at anytime.
  3. I then used future hypnotherapy progression techniques to take her into the future and experience going to specific places, feeling safe and in control (places we had previously agreed that she wanted to be able to go to). Using hypnosis, I then helped her file them as events that had taken place, which gave her new experiences to draw upon.



After two hours of hypnosis and step 1, I drove Deborah to her mother in-laws some 2 miles away, this required driving over a bridge which was one of her biggest fears. Deborah remained calm and relaxed the whole journey, we sat and had a cup of tea before I drove her back home and Deborah was astounded by how calm she felt. Having returned to Deborah’s house I used step 2 and step 3 of the hypnotherapy treatment which took a further hour, I then asked Deborah to drive me in her and her husband’s car to her daughter’s house, which she had told me she had never visited since her daughter had bought two years ago, she drove me to her daughter’s house and the whole journey she remained relaxed and calm she kept saying ‘I can’t believe I am actually doing this, it feels great’. After another cup of tea at her daughter’s house (I must admit I do like a cup of tea), I then said it’s now your choice where would you like to drive me to? Deborah decided she wanted to drive the long way towards her house because she wanted to drive down the road where she had previously had the car accident. She drove us all the way home along that road, as if she had never had agoraphobia in her life. Deborah (Bedford) This lady’s name has been changed to protect her confidentiality.

After watching Elliott helping phobic viewers overcome their fears this is what the presenters said:


It does not matter how long you have been living with your fear or phobia or how severe it appear, hypnotherapy can help you overcome them. Elliott has been using hypnotherapy for over twenty years, helping hundreds of clients to overcome their fears & phobias.

Clients can visit the Hypnosis Expert at his Luton, Bedfordshire and Elstree, Hertfordshire clinics.