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Addictions – Cocaine

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for cocaine addiction

anxietyThe term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, excessive requirement and dependency.

Elliott Wald has been using hypnosis to help people with cocaine addictions for over twenty years. The reason that people become addicted to cocaine is the resulting feelings of pleasure they derive from the drug, like other addictive drugs, it artificially stimulates the reward centre, or pleasure areas in your brain, without anything beneficial happening to your body. It leads to increased confidence in cocaine and less confidence in the normal rewards of life. This first happens on a physical level. Then, it affects you psychologically.

As with all drugs the continued use of cocaine leads to an increase in the person’s tolerance level, thus requiring higher amounts of cocaine to gain the same pleasurable effects. What often begins as an occasional use of cocaine on evenings out or social situations can result in it becoming a once a week usage, the person then begins to expand this to weekends and can soon find that it can be a daily habit.

Over the years that ‘The Hypnosis Expert’ has been using hypnosis to help people overcome their addiction to cocaine, he has helped clients from an array of different backgrounds, including celebrities, business men/women, stock brokers, dealers and many others, no matter who you are or what you do, you can be assured that as with all his clients, you will be treated with complete client-patient confidentiality.

A 2004 study by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis found that 77% of 18 clients with various addictions ranging from alcoholism to cocaine addiction, remained drug free one year following the hypnosis treatments.

Stop your cocaine addiction

Hypnosis to overcome cocaine addiction includes re-programing the thought cycle, often the every thought of taking cocaine becomes so strong and enticing that it leads to buying a few grams. Even when the cocaine user has the very best intentions and they are around a person who offers them a line, they find it impossible to say no, which in turn leads them to an evening or a number of days of continual usage. The thought cycle and the attachment they have to the excitement and good feeling of taking the cocaine, can be bigger than the end result of actually using the drug which creates the next link in a continual cycle of seeking pleasure. Hypnosis creates a new blueprint and a new set of thoughts and feelings. The appropriate number of sessions for each individual is assessed at the first session, after taking a detailed case history and there is a 70% success rate.

Elliott has clinics in Luton, Bedfordshire and Elstree, Hertfordshire;

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