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How to set Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss articles by ‘The Hypnosis Expert’


In 1979, Harvard University initiated a study concerning the importance of developing clearly-defined, written goals. It was found that, of the graduating class:

  • 3% had well-defined, written goals with corresponding action plans;
  • 13% had some goals in mind, not written and no clear action plans to achieve them;
  • 84% had neither goals or action plans

10 years later, the same individuals were interviewed again and an astonishing fact emerged. The 3% that had clearly-defined, written goals with corresponding action plans were over 10 times as successful as both other groups combined.

Do you possess a sincere desire to lose weight?

It is well known that setting goals and actively pursuing them is an integral component to an individual’s success, (including those people who want to lose weight). Still, there are many who know this to be true and yet do not, or cannot, initiate the process. Let us address those who cannot by exploring the various questions one must ask in order to develop solid, weight loss goals and action plans for their recognition:

If you want to lose weight there are some imperative questions to ask yourself, to define your weight loss goals:

  • What specifically do you want?
    • Obviously, you need to be specific about your weight loss goals. Generalised goals are too ambiguous to realise. You need to write down the details that go along with each goal. For instance, instead of simply saying that you want to lose weight, say that you want to lose 5 kilos per week (or what have you).
  • What will that grant you?
    • Understand why your slimming goals are such as they are. Ask yourself what achieving a certain goal will actually grant you in terms of happiness, contentment and success. Many times, people redefine their goals when they ask themselves this question and find that the rewards don’t justify the means of achieving them. Maintain realism as to not become discouraged.
  • How will you know when you have reached what you are after?
    • There must be a point of goal recognition, i.e. a certain weight achieved, that will be apparent to you once you have arrived at it. Otherwise, you would continue feeling around a dark room, never able to see the exit. Goals are the best when they have been verifiably achieved and you need to understand where that will happen, even as you are setting a given goal.
  • What does a picture of you look like after achieving a given weight loss goal?
    • People who recognise their weight management goals actually create the pictures of success that they desire within their minds. Once you set a goal, you need to envision yourself having accomplished it already. See yourself looking in the mirror at your new lighter weight. Picture yourself in those sexy new clothes! Convince yourself that you have already gained victory. See yourself winning. Know that you are destined to reach your goal through diligent action and intentional planning.
  • How will you feel differently after achieving a given goal?
    • Again, you need to experience the success of reaching a given goal mentally in every way, as you continue to work towards it. Learn to identify different aspects that will change as you forge your paths to goal recognition. See yourself and experience the positivity that you will feel inside, after having reached your weight loss goals. Feel the energy that you have at a slimmer weight. Enjoy the feeling of success as it develops within you.
  • What will you hear around you?
    • Imagine hearing what others will say about you after you have reached a given slimming goal. Hear your loved ones bragging on you. Hear them tell you that they respect your disciplined abilities to create and stick to a plan for positive health improvement. Think about what you will say to yourself – how good you feel knowing that you have the power to achieve. Realise the elated feelings that will emanate from within you as you project your new, positive glow!
  • How would a full-colour movie of your weight loss goal achievement strategy play?
    • Live your goals mentally like a Hollywood movie. You are the glamorous star! You are the muscular hero! You set your goals in clearly-defined fashion and then you set out in determined effort and achieve them, every one of them. As you watch your weight loss goal movies play in your mind over and over, you will know that you are beginning to make ground. You will know that these movies all have happy endings. You are a slimmer, highly energetic and motivated individual!

Set your weight loss goals in explicit colour and then pursue them with unending passion. Remember that the failure to have a good plan is the same as having a good plan to fail. Setting, working towards, envisioning and achieving your slimming goals is an amazing experience and one that will enhance your life in every area imaginable!

Envision! Slim yourself from the head down!

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