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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

How it Works

  • 2 Sessions (approx half an hour each)
  • 7 days apart
  • After the very first session you smoke differently
  • After the second session you no longer smoke!

Including 12 months support
The Stop Smoking Method that Helps You To:

  • Break the habit
  • Be free from nicotine addiction
  • Stop Cravings
  • Enjoy life as an ex-smoker


The 4 Steps to Stopping…

  • Book your appointment.
  • Session 1 (each session lasts half an hour) – At this first session, Elliott will discuss your smoking and take a detailed case history about your specific smoking patterns and habits. This information is then used to tailor your specific smoking habits and patterns into a hypnotic programme that’s right for you.
  • During the seven days between the two sessions, you won’t be smoking in the same way and you will start to lose the desire or need to smoke, break up your existing habits and associations and change your thoughts and beliefs about smoking, preparing you gently and effectively to take the final step and stop for good.
  • Session 2 – Is tailored specifically to deal with your triggers, patterns and behaviours, established from the information taken during your first session. This is then delivered to your subconscious mind, using hypnosis which feels just lie a pleasant relaxation process, allowing your mind to become open and receptive to help you stop smoking for>

smokingwomanTo make your appointment to stop smoking click here to contact the Hypnosis Expert now
It All Starts With Taking The First Step.

Remember – Every client receives an EasyStop Support Guarantee for peace of mind.

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