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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Would You Like To Join Thousands of others who Have Stopped Smoking?

stopsmokingIt’s not difficult to stop smoking if you go about it the right way. Furthermore, it does not matter how long you have been smoking, how many cigarettes you smoke or how many times you have tried to quit or stop smoking in the past. Even if the mere thought of stopping smoking fills you with anxiety and fear. Elliott has helped the average ten to twenty a day smoker to stop smoking, right through to the 100 per day and most ardent smoker.


Elliott Wald, Author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Stop Smoking Easily and Transform Your Life For Good’ in 1996, created, developed and founded his unique stop smoking method. The EasyStop method has been successful in helping thousands of smokers just like you to stop smoking. The unique method has become widely recognised as being one of the most effective ways to stop smoking and the EasyStop stop smoking method is endorsed and recommended by Healthcare Professionals.

It’s not difficult to stop smoking… if you go about it the right way.

The stop smoking method that helps you to…

  • Break The Habit
  • Be free from nicotine addiction
  • Stop Cravings

Stop smoking with…

  • No Willpower
  • No Mood Swings
  • No Craving
  • No Weight Gain


Elliott has personally helped thousands of smokers to stop and has taught his techniques to a network of consultants in the United Kingdom, Australia and across Asia.

Probably the world’s most successful stop smoking method, it’s simple, it’s effective and it’s easy’.

Let Elliott explain, “In all the research that I have done it keeps coming back to the three same variables,

1) Physical Addiction 
2) Habitual Association
3) Psychological Dependency

And to stop smoking you must address all three and that’s exactly what my programme does…

1) There are over 4,000 chemical compounds contained in each cigarette. Think of cigarettes like a drug with its chief drug ‘Nicotine’. Part of the method that you choose to help you stop smoking must work on this physical level.
2) Ever reached for a cigarette with a cup of tea or coffee, or light up after a meal or smoke more when you are socialising or drinking. Part of the method that you choose to help you stop smoking must address this habitual side.
3) If you feel that cigarettes help you to relax or deal with stressful situations, if you feel that cigarettes are a crutch to deal with the every day hustle and bustle of modern society. Part of the method that you choose to help stop smoking must address the psychological dependency.”

Elliott’s Proven Stop Smoking Method Addresses all Three

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“I am a very sceptical person and when I read about the EasyStop method claiming that in only two sessions I would stop forever, I was unsure. I used to smoke 20 a day. 3 years ago I went to EasyStop and I have never smoked again. Not only that, I have never wanted to!” L.Cavendish (Luton)*


“I can’t believe I have been to the pub and not thought of smoking”
Carole Fitzgerald (Dunstable)*


“I feel free at last and quite proud of myself. People around me have noticed and I continue to sing your praises, from someone who used to smoke 30 a day, wow thanks a million.” 
Peter Harland (Milton Keynes)*


Visit Elliott to stop smoking and see over 3,000 hand written testimonials from smokers that have quit on display.

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Elliott says,“I used to believe that a smoker must really want to stop smoking to succeed, now I know that’s not quite true. Of course it’s important that a smoker wants to stop, but I also believe that every smoker has a part of them that want’s to stop and maybe a part that, we can call, ‘fear’ that stop’s them. The fear of failure, pain, craving habit and many more. Elliott has helped countless smokers just like you, to stop smoking for good. Smokers who’s relatives paid for their sessions and even when the smoker themselves didn’t think they could ever stop.”

Clients visit The Hypnosis Expert Elliott Wald from all over the UK and Europe.

His clinic is conveniently located in Luton Bedfordshire, just 5 minutes from the M1 Junction 10 click here for a map. For clients coming by train 0.5 mile from either Luton parkway station or Luton Mainline station. For clients flying in from Europe the clinic is only 10 minutes from Luton Airport.

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