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Weight Loss Excuses

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gastricOvercoming the Mental Roadblocks to Weight Loss


We are a world of blamers. We absolutely love to place blame on situations, circumstances, on ourselves and especially other people for where we are or where we are not, that we claim that we would like to be in our lives. We have excuses for everything and we convince ourselves, that these are sound and justified excuses. We like to call them reasons but they are not. In terms of weight loss, our excuses allow us to conveniently avoid facing the issue and overcoming it.

It is time to stop placing any blame anywhere!

Let’s be honest here, most of us are fully able to exercise, we just choose not to. We set up our own roadblocks that undermine whatever intentions we may claim to have, to be physically active and fit. Obese women may have more roadblocks than obese men. In fact, a study presented at the Obesity Society’s meeting in Phoenix, found that women create more mental barriers that keep them from exercising, than average weighted or underweight women.

Researchers from the Centre for Obesity Research & Education and the Kinesiology Department at Temple University in Philadelphia, surveyed 105 overweight and obese women and 173 normal and underweight women, in a home-based exercise promotion trial. Overall, the overweight and obese women told of more perceived obstacles than their slimmer counterparts. They were more likely to feel self-conscious about how they looked while exercising; felt they lacked self-discipline; hated to fail so didn’t try; had minor aches and pains and felt too overweight to exercise.

Keep in mind however, for women and men alike, that one of the key characteristics of all successful weight-losers is their ability to avoid blaming and accept responsibility for failures or setbacks. Here are a few tips to help you resolve the impact blame may have on your weight loss success:

Understand the dual nature of blaming – Externalizing vs. Internalizing:

It is possible, common in fact, to “externalize” blame. That means that you place the blame on something or someone outside of yourself. You might say to yourself that it is too difficult for you to lose weight, because you have an unsupportive family. You may tell yourself that you simply lack the time necessary to plan out healthy meals and prepare them.

Conversely, you may “internalize” the blame – placing it on yourself and on your perceived personal traits. You may tell yourself that you lack the willpower necessary to commit to fitness. You may try to convince yourself that you are unable to physically perform and burn calories. You may say to yourself, that it is just too late for you and that you are past the point of no return and doomed to a life of obesity and an early death.

Classic externalized blaming consists of attributing your excess weight to your genetic code – i.e. your jeans don’t fit because of your genes. There is also a newer version that blames a virus for obesity. But, are these externalized “reasons” really valid? Is it really fair to absolve yourself of the responsibility to be fit because of your genetic code? Is there really a “Fat-Virus” out there on the lose attacking individuals at will? The answers are all “No”.

Awareness is the First Step Towards Rectification!

You must begin immediately to accept the FACT, that only you can be responsible for your weight loss success and fitness levels. Nobody is going to show up magically today and work out for you! You have to do it. And it doesn’t matter what your genetic code dealt you and stop blaming the non-existent Fat-Virus. You have to first become aware that you are in control of your life and nobody else can be. Hypnosis is an excellent way of installing personal control.

Likewise, you must stop internalizing the blame by saying things to yourself like, “I’m just not the physical type.” or “I can’t possibly do that.” or “I might as well just accept being overweight, because I just lack the willpower and discipline to lose the weight.” People who internalize blame fail to realize the vast differences between blaming and accepting responsibility. Taking responsibility for your weight issues, means that you are holding yourself accountable to actively address them and not simply make up another excuse for them. Hypnotherapy can re-wire your thought process, so you can lose weight by having the right mind set to lose weight.

Learn to Use the Profound Powers of Language!

Words are very powerful and they can be used equally to build yourself up, or to tear yourself down. The language that you CHOOSE to use helps to shape the very way that you perceive the world in which you live. The words that you speak to yourself – verbally or thought-based – affect your consciousness and more importantly, your sub consciousness. Hone in on what you say to yourself. Pay attention to the blame that you cast. Monitor the way that your respect or disrespect yourself to yourself. Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious, so you use powerful language and lose weight more effectively.


It is time to stop making excuses for your weight issues. It is time to start being accountable and realizing that only you can address and alleviate them. Do not blame your “big bones” any longer. Stop blaming your “slow metabolism”. Don’t place the blame on the amount of money it costs to join the gym. Stop telling yourself that you don’t have the time to plan and prepare healthy meals. The definition of an excuse, according to the Personality and Social Psychology Review, is “self-serving explanations that aim to reduce personal responsibility for questionable events.” The goal of excuses is to convince others and oneself, that a negative event is not one’s own fault.

Excuses are simply vehicles for blame to travel in. Excuses are attempts at rationalization – they are made to “get out” of responsibility. They are weakness and they do not belong in your life or in you language.

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