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Weight Loss Maze

Weight loss articles by ‘The Hypnosis Expert’


Your mind is tough – it’s built to represent you for the long run! Unfortunately, it comes with no owner’s manual. There is no instruction booklet that comes along with it to advance you through your personal struggles and tribulations. The variable informational sources that flood your mind each day cause you to feel like you are living in a maze of confusion – a constant barrage of perplexities. It is so difficult to address your issues – like how to succeed at your weight loss goals – when you always feel like you are in the center of this labyrinth – just trying to stay alive while you search for the exit, hypnosis can help show you the way out, leaving you free to lose weight.

What if there were a way to instantly see the exit from this mental maze? What if there was a direct way out?

Escaping your current mind set and the maze that you find yourself in requires that you simply develop a new way of thinking – a new way to direct your perception – YOUR perception. That’s right – it’s yours and using hypnosis you can learn how to direct it! Have you ever watched a fly trying to escape through a closed window? The fly will go straight into the window, banging against the glass, again and again. The fly will attempt to escape repeatedly as it bangs its head against the glass. It keeps on making the exact same mistakes and never seems to learn – even when another window sits open only a few feet away from it,

Hypnosis gives you a new method of thinking to escaping your weight loss maze.

Let’s do an experiment to demonstrate what I mean. Do the maze below now – discover the start and finish spots. Determine the proper path to the exit. Go on – do it now…


Okay, how did you find that? Tricky? A bit perplexing? Downright difficult? That’s completely OK – now, let’s do it again. Humor me – do it again…


Did you find it easier this time? Okay just bear with me…Once again the same maze, escape from one side of the maze to come out on the other side…Do it now!


Becomes easier, does it not? In fact, the more you repeat the process, the easier it becomes. That’s because you become conditioned through repetition…Just do it once more now…


It’s starting to become automatic, isn’t it?  You’re not having to think so hard about how to get from one place to the next place. And this is how your mind works concerning weight loss – and everything else as well! Over time you have conditioned certain negative habits, that in turn, have led you to gain weight and feel confused about slimming it away. You must condition yourself with new habits – pure and simple! And hypnosis works at an unconscious level to re-condition your thoughts


Just like in the maze, through repetition, we condition our minds to adapt positive habits. Sure, it can and will take some effort in the beginning, but with persistence, it becomes easier and easier – until some time in the near future, you suddenly turn around and look back at how far you have come – and then  you notice all the new habits that are now automatically manifesting within you!

Motivation is what gets you started – the desire to succeed. Forming positive habits, and learning their immeasurable value, is what keeps you going. But, to develop the appropriate habits necessary for successful weight loss, you have got to create a routine. You have to exercise your mental conditioning in the same repetitive way as you just completed the maze above.

You wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once and come out with the ultimate body, of course not, and why? Because it takes repetition and conditioning to get results. In the same way, you can learn to condition your mind and habits to capacitate you to escape the weight loss maze that has held you for so long.

Escape your weight loss maze by retraining your mind – Slim yourself from the head down!
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